Large Police Force Invades Columbia University

Police have deployed to multiple universities in New York after pro-Palestine protesters occupied buildings.

Police were heavily deployed at Columbia University, New York, on Tuesday and eventually cracked down on protesters participating in the pro-Palestine encampment. 

Moreover, local organizers have said that New York police arrived at The City College of New York (CCNY) after students occupied a building in CCNY escalating their action in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. 

Students across universities in the United States and several Western countries are protesting their universities to divest from the Israeli occupation and are calling for an immediate ceasefire, following months of the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

At Columbia University, the institution’s administration has begun to suspend students participating in the encampment, while threatening to expel students who occupied Hamilton Hall, changing its name to Hind’s Hall, called after a Palestinian girl killed by Israeli occupation forces along with other members of her family in a harrowing story. 

Despite punitive action taken against students and threats to expel others, the movement has remained steadfast, vowing to carry on with the protests until their demands are met. 

Now, police have sealed off the Columbia University campus, erecting barricades around it, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) reporter.

“We will remain here, drawing from the lessons of our people (in Gaza) that stay put, and hold their ground even under the worst conditions,” a protester told reporters outside Hind’s Hall.

Updates on police invasion of Columbia University

At approximately 9:00 pm (EDT), police marched toward Hind’s Hall, to disperse protestors. 


Local reports indicate that at least one person was detained, as police attacked protesters and prevented journalists from filming the unfolding events. 

According to AFP‘s correspondent police officers arrived outside Hamilton’s Hall and attempted to forcibly disperse protestors from the area. 

Police officers were also working on erecting a ramp, to establish a pathway to a window of Hamilton’s Hall, attempting to invade the building after students barricaded its entrances. 


According to AFP, police officers could be seen going up the ramp at a later time where they would disappear inside the hall. The student newspaper, The Columbia Spectator, said that arrests were being made. 

Earlier, the university’s President, Minouche Shafik, had sent a letter to the NYPD, urging them to help clear the building and all campus encampments. Shafik also requested that police maintain its presence in the university to prevent the re-establishment of the encampments.

Nearing midnight, police began to lead handcuffed students from the second floor of Hamilton Hall toward vehicles, via a laddered truck.

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