Lavrov: “Ukraine Creates Risks of Use of Mass Destruction Weapons”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out Friday that Kiev creates risks associated with the use of weapons of mass destruction, which is also evidenced by the statement of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about NATO’s “preemptive” strikes on Russia.

Speaking at Australia’s Lowy Institute via a video link, Zelensky said NATO should launch “preemptive” strikes on Russia rather than “waiting” for Russia to attack.

Commenting on the remark, Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told Sputnik that this was nothing but a call to start a world war.

Similarly, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova considered that “the West is inciting a nuclear war. Every person on the planet must realize that the puppet and unstable character Zelensky, pumped up with weapons, has turned into a monster whose hands can destroy the planet.”

At a meeting of the United Russia party, Lavrov stressed that “certainly, we cannot throw a veil on those discussions that have been constantly growing in recent times on the possible use of nuclear weapons.”

“We cannot pass over in silence the reckless actions of the Kiev regime, which are aimed at creating risks of the use of various types of weapons of mass destruction,” the Russian Foreign Minister added.

Lavrov considered Zelensky’s appeal “another evidence of the threats that come from the Kiev regime and to neutralize the threats of which a special military operation was launched.”

“In general, they simply dance to the tune of Kiev and encourage the crazy fantasies of those who are still in power there,” the top Russian diplomat indicated.

“As you know, a council of the so-called European community was convened yesterday, it was an initiative of [French] President [Emmanuel] Macron, following which the head of the EU diplomacy [Josep] Borrell announced, proudly announced that the process of forming a security structure without the participation of Russia is beginning,” he said.

In the same context, Lavrov said that Moscow warns Washington against reckless support of Kiev and involvement in the conflict.

“We warn the United States and other sponsors of the Kiev regime against becoming increasingly involved in the situation as parties to the conflict,” he underlined.

Russia interested in building up energy cooperation with China

In another context, the Russian Foreign Minister also pointed out that his country is interested in building up cooperation with China in the energy sector, including the nuclear one.

“On our part, we are interested in building up cooperation with Chinese friends in various energy sectors: oil and gas, nuclear, hydrogen, solar, wind,” he said.


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