Lebanon is ‘Hours Away’ from Forming New Government

Lebanon has been immersed in popular protests since October, as the country continues to suffer from political and economic corruption. 

The newly appointed Lebanon caretaker Finance Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, announced on Tuesday that the formation of a new government was just “hours away”, as the country suffers one of its worst economic crisis in decades.

While Khalil did not go into details, the newly appointed Finance Minister appeared optimistic after several days of negotiations and discussions among rival political parties. 

Khalil, who was appointed because of excellent understanding of macro and micro economics, has been traying to rally together the March 8th and 14th political blocs to find a solution to end the ongoing crisis. 

The task has been difficult for Khalil, as he has faced heavy resistance from several political parties that are seeking a stronger role in the new government. 

The heavily indebted country has been without effective government since Saad al-Hariri quit as premier in October due to protests against state corruption and poor governance – the root causes of Lebanon worst crisis since a 1975-90 civil war.

Over the weekend, the Red Cross reported that at least 330 people were wounded during clashes between the Lebanese security forces and protesters. Sunday was considered one of the most violent days since the conclusion of the Lebanon Civil War in 1989. 


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