Lebanon’s Aoun: Consultations to form new government may start on Thursday

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Tuesday that consultations to form a new government may begin on Thursday.

“We called on the demonstrators for dialogue and we did not receive an answer from them,” Aoun said.

He added during his meeting with the press “We need time to regain trust.”

Earlier a top UN official in Lebanon called on Tuesday for the urgent designation of the next prime minister, and for the quick formation of a new cabinet of people known for “competence and integrity.”

Jan Kubis, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, added that such a cabinet would be in a better position to appeal for international support.

On Saturday, Aoun met with several Cabinet ministers and top banking officials in search for solutions for the deepening financial and economic crisis.

The country’s financial troubles have worsened since nationwide protests – initially against new taxes – snowballed into calls for the entire political elite to step down.

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