Libyan Army Shows its High Readiness “Raad 2021”

The maneuver revolves around three axes: “controlling a beach where hostile forces are stationed, attacking terrorist positions, and finally carrying out border protection tasks.”“.

And I set off maneuver By training the landing of the infantry of the fleet and special forces, on a possible target on a beach, followed by opening a formation of T-72 tanks to deal with any counterattack, and at that stage light and medium weapons and RPGs were used.“.

This maneuver witnessed, for the first time, the official appearance of the Libyan MiG-29 aircraft, which carried out ground bombardment over the hostile forces gathering areas, and covered the advance of the forces on the ground..

Then came the second stage of training It is the landing of special forces via Mi-17 military transport planes, behind enemy lines, where the brigade’s men were able to carry out the tasks entrusted to them and occupy the sites at the specified times, as this came in cooperation with a company of reconnaissance personnel..

It was also used in the second stage arms field such as locust truck-mounted rockets, as well as towed cannons and mortars, in order to destroy extremists’ concentration points.

The maneuver concluded by carrying out a training on border security and responding to a surprise attack by terrorist groups, as their cars and military equipment were destroyed using cars equipped with anti-armor “Kornet missiles”, under the cover of fire armored “Shilka”“.

At the end of the training, the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Abdel Razek Al-Nadori, gave a speech in which he praised the level presented by the brigade’s personnel and commanders during the implementation of the maneuver..

Al-Nadori stressed that this success is the fruit of the high discipline of the 106th Brigade, stressing that every drop of sweat in training may save a drop of blood in battle..

The Director of the Moral Guidance Department in the Libyan National Army, Major General Khaled al-Mahjoub, said that the exercise took into account the enemy’s method so that the military units could deal with it, as it follows a different system in combat than the regular armies, and works in reprehensible methods, including the exploitation of women, the elderly and children as human shields and the fighting in the system of small groups. Exploitation of the extended and vast areas of the Libyan desert and some of its mountains.

Al-Mahjoub continued: “This is how the performance of our armed forces is developing day after day, to build the force with which it can protect its security and borders and eradicate the epidemic of the era from terrorist groups and their orbiters.”“.

The Libyan journalist, Ali Muhammad, praised the readiness with which the army appeared during the maneuver, noting that it had given a strong message with the appearance of its weapons today, especially the MiG-29, which is that it has a “long hand” and a deterrent weapon..

He explained that the exercise included a marine infantry company supported by a tank company and attached units, a military police company with two Saiqa and reconnaissance companies, 3 infantry battalions, a tank battalion, 2 artillery battalions such as howitzers and a missile artillery battalion with a MiG-29 flight rack and a 135th vertical flight shelf within the brigade’s strength, with companies. Various support of Thunderbolt, reconnaissance and services.

Muhammad stressed that the Russian plane excels globally in terms of speed, radar range, and air maneuverability in a narrow space..


Arab Observer

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