Libyan National Army warns Al-Sarraj militia against any act would target its sites

Libyan National Army expressed on Saturday appreciation for the rapprochement between the Libyans to end the crisis, stressing that it has information that the terrorist militia is planning to carry out an act of aggression before their attack on the Sirte Al-Jufra line.

“We are committed to the ceasefire for the sake of the success of the political process and are ready to respond to any provocation,” LNA Spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari said Libyan National Army

“The GNA claims that foreign mercenaries seized some public buildings and schools in the city of Hun, and this is completely contrary to the truth,” the statement read.

According to LNA statement asserted that the Government of National Accord (GNA) must destabilize the situation by spreading rumors based on lies and fabricated allegations that are unfounded.

Ahmed al-Mismari added that “First of all, We affirm that there are no foreign mercenaries in our forces at all.”

“Secondly, we warn the GNA militias against undertaking any aggressive action targeting our sites, as we have confirmed information that the criminal and terrorist militias are planning to carry out an aggressive and provocative act prior to their attack on the Sirte Al-Jufra line and sites related to our forces.”

LNA spokesman noted that his forces were able to monitor the mobilization of militias near the specified separation line.

“The Libyan Arab Armed Forces were and are still committed to the ceasefire in order to make the political process a success and to miss the opportunity for the forces that benefit from the chaos,” he said.

In the meantime, he pointed out that the LNA forces are ready and fully prepared to respond to any provocation or adventure targeting their forces and locations.

“We also call on the other party to set an end to the lethargy of its militia and stop provocation and to stop spreading rumors and lies about fake ceasefire breaches by the Libyan National Army,” Mismari affirmed.

Arab Observer

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