Macron: France to Reopen Embassy in Libya’s Tripoli Next Week

France will reopen its embassy in the Libyan capital of Tripoli next week, French President Emmanuel Macron announced Tuesday.

“As of Monday, our embassy in Tripoli will reopen and our ambassador can return to your territory,” Macron said after meeting the head of Libya’s presidency council, Mohammed al-Menfi.

Macron said that there would be no peace in the Sahel region or the Mediterranean without stability in Libya.

He also called on Turkey and Russia to withdraw their forces from Libya “as soon as possible.”

Asked if the US would follow the French move, a State Department official said Tuesday that “as soon as the security situation permits,” the US could reopen its embassy in Tripoli.

The French embassy was closed after fighting broke out in 2014. Washington took the same action and it currently has an ambassador to Libya, but based in Tunisia.

Arab Observer

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