Macron: The Era of African France is Over!

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that the era of “African France” had ended, and that his country had now become a “neutral interlocutor” on the brown continent, speaking to everyone.

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that the era of “African France” has ended, and that his country has now become a “neutral interlocutor” on the brown continent, speaking to everyone, as he put it.

Today, Thursday, during his speech to the French community in the Gabonese capital, Libreville, the French President said, “This era of African France is over,” stressing that France does not show any desire to return to its previous policies of intervention in Africa.

Macron added that France is still expected to take “positions that it refuses to take, and I fully support that. France is a neutral interlocutor who speaks to everyone and whose role is not to interfere in internal political disputes.”

Macron reiterated his desire to “build a balanced partnership” and “work on common issues” with the countries of the continent, whether it relates to climate, biodiversity or economic and industrial challenges.


On a separate note, the French President stressed that the reorganization of the deployment of French forces in Africa, which he spoke about in his speech in Paris on Monday, does not constitute “neither withdrawal nor disengagement.”

He told the French community, “It is not a question of withdrawal or disengagement, but rather a process of adaptation” by redefining the “needs” of the partner countries and offering “more cooperation and training.”

The reorganization concerns the French bases in Libreville, Abidjan and Dakar, but does not include the base in Djibouti that handles tasks more closely related to partnerships in the Indian Ocean.

The French president explained that this means “the presence of more regional military personnel in our bases, and thus contribute to the management of these bases.”


The opposition in Gabon accused the French president that through his visit aims to show support for President Ali Bongo as Gabon prepares to organize elections.

With this conversation, the French President renews his previous statements in Paris, in which he said that his country’s backroom in West Africa has ended, and he called for new partnerships on the continent away from vague relations and the support of current leaders.

But Macron stressed, “I did not come to install anyone. I only came to show my friendship and respect for a brotherly country and people.”

Today, Thursday, the French President started an African tour that includes 4 countries in central Africa, namely Gabon, Angola, Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.




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