Tunisia: Brotherhood Judge Bashir Al-Akrami arrested for covering up terrorist crimes

The Tunisian Judicial Council announced the suspension of Judge Bashir Al-Akrimi from work and referring his file to the Public Prosecution investigation on charges related to covering up more than 6,000 files and terrorist cases.

Bashir Al-Akrami is accused of complicity in terrorist cases in connection with the assassination file of Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi.

The defense team of Belaid and Brahmi will take a number of steps in order to protect the path of revealing the truth, the most important of which is the complaint that it will submit to the High Commissioner’s Council, which will include the violations committed in the assassination case.

According to a report by the Defense Authority of Belaid and Brahmi issued in June 2021 entitled “The General Inspection of the Ministry of Justice on Bashir Al-Akrimi the Qutb in the Grip of Terror,” Bashir Al-Akrimi covered up 6,268 terrorist files and 1,361 terrorist cases and was threatened by the Judicial Sector Council.

It is expected that the defense committee for Belaid and Brahmi will file a criminal complaint against the Acting Minister of Justice, Hasnaa bin Suleiman, in order to cover up the crimes: “I tried to retrieve the referral texts and the disciplinary file of Bashir Al-Akrimi, and you did not add what you possessed of data to the disciplinary file.”

A member of Belaid and Brahmi’s defense committee, Reda Al-Radawi, confirmed that the secret service and the black room were revealed, and that the Ennahda party was behind the secret service, and accused Bashir Al-Akrimi of covering up files condemning the Ennahda movement.

It is noteworthy that the President of the Court of Appeal, Al-Tayeb Rashid, accused the former Undersecretary of the Court of First Instance in Tunis, Al-Bashir Al-Akrimi, of obstructing the files of the assassination of Belaid and Brahmi.


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