Money, Jobs, and Nationalities, War Rages Among the Muslims Brotherhood Organization

Money, jobs, and nationalities, new crisis erupted between the members and leaders of the Brotherhood organization who fled to Turkey, and reached the courts, while the Turkish government started to reveal its unacceptance of these actions, Yassin Aktay, an advisor of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, trying to resolve and contain these conflicts.

Media sources said, “A meeting was held last month between a number of Brotherhood leaders and senior officials in the Turkish regime’s Ministry of Interior, to agree on the permanent residency and granting citizenship to a number of the organization’s members and leaders residing in Turkey.

Hamzah Zawbaa, President of the Egyptian Media Association in Istanbul participated in the meeting, Mukhtar al-Ashri, Ahmed Adel Rashid son of Adel Rashid, a former member of the People’s Assembly during the era of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmed Al-Shanaf, director of the “Mkamleen” channel, and Ayman Nour, owner of the “Al Sharq” channel that broadcasts From Istanbul.

It was agreed on some special rules for granting the members of the organization Turkish nationality during the meeting, and those who have the right of priority, also it was agreed on a timetable for the termination of permanent residency, but there was an argument between Mukhtar al-Ashry and Hamza Zawbaa of who will speak on behalf of the delegation, In front of Turkish officials, and the governor of Istanbul, who expressed his displeasure of what happened.

After the meeting, other details were revealed that provoked the strangulation of the group’s members, as courtesy and favoritism prevailed in the selection of the members that would obtain Turkish citizenship, however there is members residing outside Turkey obtained citizenship and others in the country were refused to have the citizenship, Turkish officials expressed their anger From the practices of the Brotherhood, they informed Yassin Aktay, Erdogan’s advisor, that they (Brotherhood members) have become a burden on Turkey, and they are reason after the deterioration of relations with a large number of Arab countries due to their hosting their members.

Other conflicts between media professionals “group members” and working on its satellite channels have reached the Turkish courts, Hamzah Zawbaa, Brotherhood leader and head of the Media Professionals Association, is trying to resolve it but he failed, the conflicts has exacerbated due over jobs in those satellite channels. Including the ongoing dispute in courts between Ayman Nour, owner of “Al Sharq” channel and Sami Kamal Al-Din, as Nour’s dismissal of Sami from the work in the channel, then he filed a lawsuit calling to remove his YouTube channel, which prompted Sami to ask Zawba intervention, threatening to expose Ayman Anwar’s scandals and his violations, as well as the scandals of the journalist Moataz Matar, who was behind the escalation between them due to jealousy and the struggle over funding.
Amr Abdel Moneim, a researcher in the affairs of Islamic movements, says that Omar Korkmaz, one of the active leaders of the Turkish “Freedom and Justice” Party, recently called on his country’s government to abandon the Brotherhood, stressing that they have become a burden on the Turkish state and the ruling regime.

Abdel Moneim added that the Turkish government has seriously started to think about creating new entities run by Turks, and create associations and unions undertake the task of providing all elements of support for Egyptians in Istanbul, not only for the Brotherhood members, and providing advice to Egyptian students studying in Turkey, make it easier for them to communicate with the government, defending the rights of Egyptians there, and providing job opportunities for those willing, far from any political or party affiliation, indicating that this thinking began to be implemented in an actual way on the ground, which caused a new conflicts between the Brotherhood and the Turkish government.


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