Mounir’s Removal and Turkey’s Decisions .. Referring the Brotherhood’s Secretary for Investigation

New details revealed about the reasons that led to the issuance of a decision by Ibrahim Mounir, the acting guide of the Brotherhood, to refer Mahmoud Hussein, the former Secretary-General of the Brotherhood, and his assistants residing in Turkey for investigation.

Sources told our reporters that Mahmoud Hussein and his assistants from the Turkey group arranged to overthrow Ibrahim Munir, as they held meetings in Istanbul that included Mukhtar al-Ashry, Medhat al-Haddad and Saber Aboul Fotouh, and they agreed to coordinate with various administrative offices, to stop Munir’s recent decisions regarding dissolving Turkey office And the Shura Council, and its failure to adopt it, and the creation of an anti-international organization bloc in preparation for the removal of Munir from his position and the appointment of a replacement for him.

The Turkey group, led by Hussein, agreed to assign its electronic committees to launch smear campaigns against Ibrahim Munir on the communication sites, attributing to him the group’s failures in Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia, and accusing him of hesitating in making decisions that ensure the protection of the leaders and elements of the group in Turkey, and not interfering or mediating with Turkish officials. To prevent the escalation of the recent events and the subsequent decisions to restrict the Brotherhood’s satellite channels in Istanbul, stop media programs, comply with the instructions of the Turkish authorities, issue decisions to dissolve the group’s administrative office and the Shura Council, and postpone the country’s elections that were scheduled to take place last July for a period of 6 months.

According to the sources, Ibrahim Munir also learned that leaders from the Hussein group held a meeting that included a number of employees of the group’s satellite channels with Turkish security leaders last week without coordination with the leaders of the international organization, especially after the recent crisis and Turkey’s attempts to rapprochement with Egypt and the Gulf states, and its decision to stop the Brotherhood’s media activities from its lands.

Our sources revealed that the group’s leaders in Turkey, all of whom are involved in financial and administrative violations, tried to preemptively prevent them from being referred for investigation, in order to avoid revealing these violations in front of the Brotherhood, including violations related to stakes in companies and group investments, in which Mahmoud Hussein and Medhat Al-Haddad were involved. and Mukhtar Al-Ashry, and administrative violations related to the residence and acquisition of Turkish nationalities for some of those affiliated with that group and at the expense of other members of the group, including Saber Aboul Fotouh and Hammam Ali Youssef, adding that other members of the Hussein group, including Abdullah Al-Kariuni, the former assistant secretary-general of the Medical Syndicate, Ali Saad al-Labban, who was arrested for his previous conviction of embezzling the Brotherhood’s “Watan” satellite funds, was implicated in obstructing the Turkey office, which was recently appointed by Munir, and they distorted the work of those responsible for it.

Disagreements raged between the leaders of the Brotherhood in Turkey, where Ibrahim Mounir, the acting guide of the group, decided to refer Mahmoud Hussein, the former Secretary-General and his assistants, all of whom are residing in Turkey, for investigation.

Munir decided to form a special committee to run the group in Turkey, called the Turkey Administration Committee, consisting of a group of leaders loyal to him and against Hussein and his aides, against the background of the dissolution of the group’s Shura Council and the dissolution of the former administrative office.

The decisions come against the background of the former Secretary-General’s rejection of Munir’s decisions and his declaration that he had no right to issue them, as well as his failure to recognize the dissolution of the Administrative Office and the dissolution of the group’s Shura Council, and his adherence to managing the economic and investment files of the group, and not abandoning them to Munir and his group.

Our sources had previously revealed the details of the Brotherhood’s decision to dissolve its administrative office and the Shura Council in Turkey, with the postponement of the country’s elections, which were scheduled to take place during the month of July, for a period of 6 months.

Reliable sources indicated that the decision was issued under the guidance of the Turkish authorities, and Ibrahim Munir, the acting general guide of the group, was forced to deal with it and sign it.

She pointed out that among the reasons that prompted this step, a group of the Egyptian Brotherhood rejected the Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement, as well as the meeting of a number of leaders of that group with the head of the Happiness Party opposed to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and offered them to finance it financially and politically, as well as the presence of financial and administrative violations in The group’s office, revealed by previous audio leaks of the leader, Amir Bassam, who confirmed that Brotherhood leaders registered real estate, property and funds for the group in their names and the names of their sons.

The sources confirmed that the decision to dissolve the group’s office and the Shura Council aims to cover up the violations of that group and its involvement in financial embezzlement and looting of Brotherhood properties and funds, and allocating investments in their names, their families’ names and their children’s names.

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