Muhammad Al-Nani .. The seat of the bench turns into a “great” player in 3 days

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta described Elneny as a “great” player, after his brilliance against Chelsea in the Premier League on Wednesday evening.

Arteta said a few days ago: “Al-Nini is an exceptional person and a great player who does not get the recognition he deserves.”

The words of Arteta, one of the best coaches in the English Premier League, do not match the huge amount of criticism leveled at Elneny during his representation of the Egyptian national team, at the last African Nations Cup.

Elneny was subjected to a great campaign of abuse by the Egyptian fans, due to the fluctuation of his level with the “Pharaohs” team, with high expectations for him, as a player in the English Premier League.

But what happened within 5 days, may compensate Al-Nini for the disappointment with the national team, and may give him something he deserves, for his diligence and commitment to provide what is required of him with one of the largest clubs in England.

Season inversion in 3 days

Since his arrival to Arsenal in 2016, that is, 6 years ago, Elneny has not been able to establish himself as a key element in the squad, but he has been working diligently every time he participated, and he has dealt professionally with his lack of participation, which is what Arteta pointed out to him.

The Spanish coach said: “Al-Nini is one of the most important players in the Arsenal squad, because of what he offers when you give him the opportunity to play, and what he does when he does not play.”

And Arteta revealed that he persuaded Elneny to stay at Arsenal, in the last winter transfer market, because he wanted to rely on him in the next stage.

Arteta did not rely on Al-Nini much throughout the season, and needed the bench in many matches, but he became a key element in the team “suddenly”, and participated in two of the most important matches of the season for Arsenal, which is competing for access to the Champions League.

On Wednesday, Al-Nini presented an exceptional level against Chelsea, in a match in which the “gunners” won 4-2, before dominating the midfield against Manchester United, on Saturday afternoon, and contributing to the victory 3-1.

3 days were enough to turn the scales for the “patient” player Mohamed Elneny, who performed a “great” performance, according to Arteta, and won great praise from Arsenal fans around the world.

Elneny may be an important player for Arsenal in the last crucial rounds of the league, which may be decisive in consolidating his place with Arsenal, and renewing his contract, which expires next summer.


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