Muhammad Dahlan Accuses President Abbas of Failing Palestinians

Leader of the Democratic Reformists within Fatah Movement Muhammad Dahlan, said on Wednesday that the Palestinian people have suffered from poverty and oppression for 15 years, adding that “It is my duty to help my people, whether I am in power or out of power.”
In an interview aired on Al-Arabiya channel, Dahlan said, “We have a broad group called the Democratic Reformists, who works among the public and with our people in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

He said that the measures taken by Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) are the cause of the rebellion against reality, adding that he (Abu Mazen) takes measures to exclude everyone “He even disagrees .”with himself

Dahlan stressed that “it is open to us and that no one can exclude us from it, and a quarterly decision has no value. I have not been convicted in any case of any kind and my opening is completely clear.”

He added that “The democratic reformists will go to the elections with a complete list, and we will go to building a list of the group and include a mixture of the Palestinian people’s levels.”

Dahlan went on saying “I am looking for solidarity from the youth of Palestine and I do not want a position on any Palestinian leader. We do not count and we do not bet except with the Palestinian people, and we will continue the journey as a reformist movement, and we are not looking for personal positions on a list.”

He added “but what we are looking for is a change in the political system, and to have a vision that takes us out of the mud into which Mahmoud Abbas has entered us.

Regarding Hamas and Jihad, Dahlan said: “Hamas and Islamic Jihad are part of the Palestinian people, and I am the one who initiated reconciliation, and we are not allies with Hamas, and we are not in a state of conflict.”

He explained that there are old understandings that led to the return of the people of the movement to the Gaza Strip, and a system was created. The Takaful Foundation and the UAE sponsored that.

Dahlan stressed the need to move from a state of weakness due to division to a national program for the future.

“My wish is to stand before the Palestinian public to show how Abu Mazen exploited our people. During his rule, the homeland was divided and the West Bank was reoccupied and he helped imprint the defeat in the consciousness of the Palestinian people,” Dahlan said.

He went on saying “I do not hold the members of the Central Committee responsible for a quarterly decision, because he who made the decision is Mahmoud Abbas alone.”

“Abu Mazen does not want the unity of the Fatah movement, but rather he wants it dark, and he seeks to agree with Hamas to be a presidential candidate, for he is the one who cut the salaries of the families of martyrs and prisoners,” Dahlan said.

He explained, “We have not stopped supporting our Palestinian people, as many projects have been undertaken, such as childbearing and marriage, supporting students, editing certificates and paying university fees, and we can be a national program with all Palestinian forces.”

Dahlan stressed “I am not looking for a position, but I am looking for a national majority in the Palestinian Parliament.”

He pointed out that organizing the daily life of the Palestinian citizen is a priority.

“The Gaza Strip needs only 600 megawatts of electricity, and the electricity problem is solved, and one of my friends can donate a station for the production of electricity in Gaza,” said Dahlan, stressing that “we are a productive and creative people and our problems should not be solved with aid only.”

He indicated that President Mahmoud Abbas is looking to renew his legitimacy through the decrees he issued in the last period, and that he issues illegal laws to control the elections, explaining that we chose Abu Mazen because he announced three goals, but he failed to achieve them.

Dahlan clarified that Hamas and Fatah are seeking a joint list, and all that Abbas seeks is to be a consensual president, stressing that if transparent elections are held, it will be difficult to formulate Abu Mazen’s list.

He added that “The Palestinian people saw the extent of the services we provided to them during the past ten years before talking about the elections, stressing that everyone who has a fingerprint in the history of the Palestinian people has the right to participate in the elections.”

He stated that: “I will not preempt the events about my own running for the presidential elections, as I have been banned from entering America since 2004,” indicating that “the Arab Emirates has a long history of serving the Palestinian people from the era of Yasser Arafat until Mahmoud Abbas, and it also meets the needs of the Palestinian people without mediation.”

In regards to the candidacy of Marwan Barghouti, Dahlan clarified that he will run and have the right to do so. Marwan has the right to run for the presidential elections.

He stated that the corona vaccine was sent from the UAE institutions to the Palestinian institutions in Gaza and Jerusalem, and if Abu Mazen allowed, the Corona vaccine would have been sent to the West Bank, indicating that there is an international fight to provide the Corona vaccine, but we will not leave Gaza alone and dead as if there is no one standing with it to provide the vaccine.

Dahlan affirmed: “They said that I helped Gaddafi and led the coup in Turkey. These lies do not interest me. I know my borders as a guest in the Emirates, and I have not had any relationship with Israeli leaders since I got out of power.”

Dahlan held Abu Mazen responsible for the failure that occurred for fifteen years, stressing that Abu Mazen and his partners will hold them accountable by history for the failure.

He was also surprised by the fear of the members of the Central Committee of Abu Mazen when Nasser Al-Qudwa was dismissed; stressing that he had tons of information about the leaks of the documents of the lost novel, because I did not leak what was mentioned in the documents of the lost novel against Abu Mazen.

He was keen that “we will not obtain a state unless the political system changes, and if we do not change our divided Palestinian reality, we will not obtain our national rights. The Palestinian people are in distress, and those who caused this grant will be held accountable and will not forget those who stood with them.”

Deputy Dahlan ended the interview by saying, “I am not afraid of assassinations and threats, and my return to Gaza is linked to a goal.”


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