Muslim Brotherhood disagreements reveals many hidden practices inside satellite channels in Turkey

A few hours after the Turkish regime authorities announced restricting the Brotherhood’s satellite channels, Which broadcasts from Istanbul and prevent its criticism of Egypt Against the background of wooing Cairo and trying to rapprochement with it, many practices have been revealed that take place inside these satellite channels, which are completely inconsistent with the claims made by the Brotherhood to adhere to the principles and teachings of Islam and the group’s literature and constants.

Sources revealed to our reporters details about the incidents that occurred on these satellite channels, including the expulsion and beating of announcers, harassment, suspension of salaries, and the incitement of the Turkish authorities against some of them, especially those who are not loyal to the group’s leaders or the leaders of the first row, or the leaders of these channels.

The sources added that the Brotherhood presenter, Safia Sarri, was kidnapped, beaten and dragged in a street in Istanbul by a group of individuals working in the satellite station in which she was working, as a punishment for her after revealing scandals and embezzlement occurring inside her, as she criticized the group and its loyalists for not supporting it, or standing next to it, and leaving it On its own it is easy prey for those who abuse it.

The sources said that the broadcaster was also being restricted, after she revealed everything that happened to her on her Facebook page, and ended up leaving the media and working as a worker in a garment factory.

The sources said that the broadcaster Al-Ganaini accused a senior leader of the Brotherhood, who is close to a famous religious preacher, one of the group’s leaders, of pursuing her and her husband, harassing them, and stopping any attempt to join her in any work on the group’s satellite channels, which prompted her to release her own channel on the site “YouTube”.

Another broadcaster who was subjected to persecution and harassment, Sumaya al-Janayni, works mainly as a journalist, and left Egypt with her husband, journalist Ahmed Hassan al-Sharqawi, in 2013, and worked in one of the Muslim Brotherhood satellite channels in Istanbul, and there she was subjected to persecution and abuse, and her salary was suspended due to her exposing the practices of the channel’s leaders, and accusing her To those in charge of stealing her ideas, which prompted them to stop her programs, and to expel her after that.

The sources revealed that a third Brotherhood broadcaster, Asma al-Bukchishi, was subjected to great harassment after he leaked to the group’s leaders information about her accusation to Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the group, and Ibrahim Munir, Acting Deputy General Guide, with financial irregularities, against the background of the audio leakage of Amir Bassam, the leader of the group, who traded on Two years ago, he accused the leaders of the group of stealing money, apartments, donations and finances coming to the group, and transferring its ownership to them and their children, adding that the presenter was subjected to great persecution and persecution, which prompted her to flee Turkey and reside in another country.

The fourth victim was the broadcaster Azza Al-Hinnawi, who was working in the Egyptian TV, and fled to Turkey in January of 2018 to join the “Al-Sharq” satellite channel. After her escape, the Egyptian television decided to dismiss her, but she did not last long in Istanbul, where she was subjected to violations, harassment, and restrictions on her push to flee to Korea. And he sought asylum there.

Other media professionals have been subjected to abuse, persecution and dismissal from working on these satellite channels, due to their disclosure of financial irregularities, appropriation of funds, donations, and the looting of workers’ entitlements, including Sami Kamal al-Din, who was dismissed for his disagreement with Ayman Nour, the owner of the “Al Sharq” channel, and Moataz Matar, the broadcaster of the channel, While Hamzah Zawbaa, a leader in the Brotherhood and the broadcaster of the “Mekamelin” satellite channel, exploited his position as secretary of the so-called Egyptian Media Association in Turkey, inciting the Turkish authorities against a number of media professionals, who exposed Brotherhood leaders’ scandals, and published details of the facts of favoritism and courtesy in the distribution of positions and funds, which led to the suspension of their residency and the difficulty of Obtaining services, medical insurance, opening bank accounts, or enrolling their children in school.

The sources said that in view of these circumstances, the dismissed media workers searched for other jobs away from the media, and some of them got job opportunities in restaurants and stores, washed cars, and sold fruit, while others succeeded in issuing a channel on the YouTube website, such as the Brotherhood broadcaster Saber Mashhour.

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