Muslim Brotherhood in Libya choose new name for their association

It reported that this development came after the group’s tenth and eleventh conferences, and after rounds of dialogue and research in which the group’s members took part in multiple workshops, according to a statement on its Facebook page.

She added that the association “will fulfill its mission in the Libyan society through its tireless work in various fields of public work.”

In its statement, the “Revival and Renewal” Association called for “the sons and daughters of the nation to cooperate and work with us to achieve what we all aspire to to raise the nation and consolidate its unifying identity.”

And she added that this comes “in the belief that the civilized entry point for change and renaissance is community action, to contribute to the establishment of a civil society that is not restricted by diversity and difference, in which Islamic values ​​prevail, justice prevails and human dignity is respected.”

Within 10 years, according to the statement, the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya was subjected to “distortion and fraud in order to exclude it from its society and spread suspicions about its noble goals.”

Sarqen added, “This is how the group has become affiliated with no party outside Libya, nor does it belong to the Muslim Brotherhood internationally, but rather it has become an association operating inside the country only.”

A former member of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, a member of the Justice and Construction Party, Abd al-Razzaq Sarqan, told Anadolu Agency, “The group decided that its work should be within Libya only, so it moved to the Association for Revival and Renewal.”

The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood played a prominent role in leading Libya after the overthrow of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi (1969-2011), through its “Justice and Construction” party, before they split after disagreements over the 2015 Skhirat political agreement between the Libyan factions.


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