Netanyahu: When the regime falls in Iran, Israelis and Iranians will be friends!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “Iranian President Hassan Rowhani’s statements that Israel was behind the protests in his country were  “not only false, it’s laughable,”

Netanyahu said in a recorded speech on Monday”I heard today that Iranian President Rowhani claims that Israel is behind the protests in Iran,” added “This is not only false but also laughable.” “I will not insult the Iranian people. The Iranians are brave, They want freedom, justice  that they have been denied for decades. “

“The brutal Iranian regime is wasting tens of billions of dollars in order to spread hatred, and these funds could have been used to build schools and hospitals,” Netanyahu said. “No wonder Iranian mothers and fathers are demonstrating in the streets. The regime is terrified of its citizens. That is why  they arrests university students University , and blocks social networks. “

 “This terror will not win, because the Iranian people are intelligent, and high in culture, and risking everything today for freedom.” Added “Unfortunately, many European governments are watching silently young Iranians being severely beaten in the streets. This is unacceptable,” Netanyahu said. “I do not intend to remain silent.”

“The regime is desperately trying to spread hatred among us, but it will not succeed. When this regime finally falls, it will someday fall, the Iranians and the Israelis will be the best friends again. I hope the Iranian people will succeed in their noble quest for freedom, Several Iranian cities are witnessing  protests against the government, high prices, demand for economic reforms, for the fifth day in a row, while four Iranians have been killed in demonstrations.

Iranian agencies have posted pictures of protesters attacking public property, including banks.

These demonstrations coincide with the anniversary of the suppression of demonstrations in 2009, in protest against the victory of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a second term, because  the protesters questioned the integrity of those elections.

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