Nine team leaders chose Salah the “best” in the world

Mohamed Salah In sixth place in the final prize list, down from last year, when he finished fourth.

The global award is based on votes from world national team leaders, world team coaches, and a number of selected journalists.

Despite his departure from the voices leader Lewandowski, a number of team leaders and coaches chose Salah the “best” in the world in 2020.

Team leaders

As expected, he chose the captain of the Egyptian national team Abdullah Al-Saeed Salah was in the first place, but he was not the only one, as a number of leaders of Arab and international teams participated in the selection.

9 of the team leaders chose Salah in first place, 5 of them from the Arab teams.

The captain of the Jordan national team, veteran goalkeeper Amer Shafia, voted for Mohamed Salah, as did the captain of the Palestine national team, Sameh Maraaba, the captain of the Syrian national team, Omar Al-Somah, the captain of the Tunisia national team, Youssef Al-Maskni, and the captain of the Qatar national team, Hassan Al-Haydous, in addition to Saeed, the leader of the “Pharaohs” .

As for the international teams, I voted for Salah, the captain of the Kyrgyz Republic, Valery Kishin, the captain of Nepal, Bharat Khawas, the captain of Namibia, Dynamo Fredericks, and the captain of Uganda Dennis Onyango.


Seven coaches around the world voted for Mohamed Salah, the first of whom was his coach in the national team, Hossam Al-Badri.

He also voted for Salah, the coach of the Syrian national team, the Tunisian Nabil Maaloul, the coach of the Lebanese national team Jamal Taha, and the coach of the national team. Tunisia Munther Al-Kabeer.

Among the non-Arab teams, Nepal coach Pal Gopal, Sri Lanka coach Amir Alajik, and Tajikistan coach Osmon Tushev voted for Tajikistan.


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