Robinho, definitively sentenced to 9 years in prison, following a rape in a club in Milan

The Milan Court of Appeal upheld the nine-year prison sentence for Brazilian Robson de Souza Robinho for participating in a group rape of a young woman at a nightclub in the Italian city, 7 years ago.

Robinho, former Real Madrid and Manchester City player, he also played in Milan in 2013. He participated in the rape with a friend, Ricardo Falcao, and the abused young woman is of Albanian origin. She was celebrating her birthday in a well-known club in Milan.

Robinho, sentenced to 9 years in prison

„This sentence is an example for the protection of women and shows that the system works when necessary “, said the girl’s lawyer, Jacopo Gnocchi, in a press release taken over by the Italian press.

Brazilian club Santos announced Robinho’s return in early October, but suspended his contract shortly after the footballer received his first conviction.

The South American team explains that the agreement between the club and the player was suspended because Robinho “To focus exclusively on his defense in the process taking place in Italy.”

The Brazilian footballer denied the accusations in 2014, when an investigation into the rape was launched. In the

Robinho was also involved in a sex scandal in 2009. While playing in the Premier League, he was investigated by police for rape, also in a nightclub in Leeds city center. After being questioned by police, he was released on bail. And then, the Brazilian denied any accusation brought against him.


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