Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Muslim Brotherhood is more dangerous than ISIS

Muslim Brotherhood is is more dangerous than ISIS and it must be confronted in every possible way to stop its penetration and prevent its threat to societies, said Yousef Al-Othaimeen, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, that Al-Othaimeen explained that “ISIS is originally a group of criminals, while the Brotherhood is a powerful group that penetrated many institutions of countries and societies in which it lives, so you will find among them lawyers, doctors, parliamentarians and university professors.”

He noted that the Brotherhood, which is designated as a terrorist organization  in many countries, “has a strategy that depends on starting from the bottom up, to form its empire and ascend to power”. and it works on “society’s necrosis from below with the aim of dividing it and then suppressing power”.

Al-Othaimeen stressed that in order to “face the threat of this terrorist group”, the public must be informed about its objectives and plans.

The OIC chief also said that Muslim countries must deal with this group firmly and patiently “to limit its danger and expansion, and stop its cultural and social activities”.

“There are common people who do not know the danger of the Brotherhood movement, the extent of its influence if it comes to power, and how it will transform the environment in which it established itself into an economically and socially backward region,” he said.

Arab Observer

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