PA security forces arrests number of released prisoners in Jenin

PA security services forces launched a campaign of arrests in Jenin in the occupied West Bank, targeting a number of released prisoners and activists.

Palestinian sources said, “PA security services forces kidnapped the released prisoner, Noureddine Al-Jarbou’, from Jenin camp, while he was at his workplace, in addition to the young man, Ahmed Al-Ghoul.”

The sources added that “another force from the security services kidnapped Muhammad Khaled Turkman, from the camp, and Thaer Adel Ali Shawahna, from the town of Al-Silat Al-Harithiya, Jenin district.”

Over the past few days, Jenin governorate witnessed tension against the backdrop of clashes in Jenin camp with the security services, and shooting the district headquarters, amid calls from the factions to spare the resistance’s weapons any security campaign against “chaos.”


Arab Observer

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