Palestinian anger over deal for soon-to-expire COVID-19 vaccines from Israel

On Saturday, Palestinian activists, human rights groups and Palestinian organizations demanded to open an investigation into a corrupt and expired vaccine deal and the accountability of those implicated in it.

The International Committee to support Palestinian People (Hashd), called to form an independent national investigative committee to find out all the circumstances and details of the Coronavirus vaccine deal, and hold those responsible for this agreement.

“Hashd” affirmed the necessity and importance of adapting societal oversight and popular pressure to punish those who accepted and worked on this deal with the Israeli occupation.

The committee considered that planning to such agreement is very dangerous for the public health, stressing that this matter should not pass without revealing the whole truth and identify the parties responsible for this crime and arrest them.

Fatah’s Democratic Reform Movement called for formation of an independent investigation committee into the crime of concluding the vaccine deal, which is about to expire and committed by government agencies, so that the Palestinian public opinion finds out the truth about who negotiated, agreed and decided on bringing these vaccines, Risking the lives of half million Palestinian citizens in the largest attempted murder in Palestinian history, and bringing the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible.

The movement said, in a statement, “this crime would not had happened if wasn’t there who underestimate the minds of people, under a system in which there is no control over corruption in its various forms, and if justice was straight, no one would dare to Committing this crime, which shows the morals, education and behavior of its perpetrators.

The movement supported the position of the free Palestinian media outlets, which exposed and condemned the crime, also appreciated the role of activists and citizens who exposed the crime and exposed its perpetrators on social media platforms, as an expression of responsible citizenship and the necessity of informing public opinion of the whole truth.

The Palestinian writer and political analyst, Muhammad Abu Mahadi, called for the necessity of revealing the “big broker” behind the corrupt vaccine deal with Israel, after the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the security coordination official denied their relationship with the matter.

Abu Mahadi affirmed that this issue rings a million alarm bells in the minds of every Palestinian, and confirms the importance of disclosing the main broker behind this deal, and the number of deals that have been done with his knowledge, and whether it’s about economic aspects or political and security issues as well.

Palestinian People’s Party called to form an independent investigation committee in order to investigate the deal to purchase “Pfizer” vaccines for the Corona virus from Israel, the vaccines whose validity has almost expired, which is unacceptable behavior toward our people, Palestinian public opinion, media and civil society forces.

It also called the Palestinian government to punish those involved in concluding this deal and to reveal who is responsible for this before public opinion.

Aman coalition called on the official authorities to form an independent investigation committee, with the participation of representatives of civil society, to investigate the vaccine deal concluded between the Palestinian government and the Israeli occupation.

The coalition explained that the vaccine exchange deal with the occupation authorities once again shows the lack of transparency in managing public affairs in general, and in managing the Corona virus pandemic in particular.

He pointed that, since the beginning of the pandemic, he called for the need to enhance transparency during the emergency period, as it is one of the most important tools for immunizing the process of managing the provision and distribution of the vaccine, by publishing the details of all contracts and deals made between governments and suppliers in general, and vaccine suppliers in particular, also stressed the need to announce the measures that will be taken against any official who neglected to verify the integrity of the deal.

Aman Coalition expressed its concern about the impact of what happened with the vaccine deal on the extent of citizens’ confidence in the vaccine administration process in general, and on the citizens’ turnout to receive it.

On Saturday, the National Democratic Forum issued a statement regarding the vaccine deal that was concluded with the Israeli side, before its cancellation.

The forum said in the statement: “The deal is a disgrace on the forehead of Palestinian decision-makers.”

Describing this deal, which the government canceled, as a live example of the level of disregard for the minds, lives and dignity of the Palestinian people, and the continuation of the lie, procrastination and show-off, and it is a living embodiment of professional and political incompetence.


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