Palestinian legislative election: 90% chance elections are cancelled

A senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official believes there is a high probability that the Palestinian parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place in about a month, will be postponed.

“Currently, there is a 90% chance that the election will be postponed,” the source said. According to the report, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has not yet made a decision on whether to postpone the election, even after a series of discussions on the issue that took place this week in the Muqata in Ramallah.

The PA has continuously demanded that Israel permit Arabs residing in eastern Jerusalem to vote in the elections. In this regard, PA officials have been working in the international arena in an attempt to get Israel to agree to this demand.

The PA has in recent days hinted at the possibility that the elections will be postponed, if Israel does not allow them to be held in eastern Jerusalem as well.

The PA has in the past used Israel’s refusal to permit Jerusalem Arabs to vote as an excuse not to hold elections at all.


Arab Observer



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