Palestinian Resistance Vows to Defend Jenin: All Options on The Table

Palestinian Resistance factions affirm that Jenin will wholly stand up against the new Israeli aggression and fail the occupation government's plans

In the early hours of Monday, the Israeli occupation launched a massive aggression against the Jenin refugee camp and started it with a number of airstrikes, after mobilizing large military forces in the vicinity of the camp earlier in the day.

The Israeli media confirmed that the occupation had launched a large-scale military operation in the camp. The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that three people were martyred and 27 others were injured, seven critically, as a result of the Israeli aggression.

In response, Palestinian Resistance factions voiced their strong condemnation of the ongoing aggression against Jenin, affirming that Jenin will wholly stand up against this new aggression and fail the occupation government’s plans.

Israeli media had suggested that more than 1,000 Israeli occupation soldiers are taking part in the aggression against Jenin, while Resistance fighters in Jenin confirmed that they had succeeded in directly targeting invading forces with massive explosives.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Movement underlined that “the aggression against Jenin will not achieve its goals, and we will remain [in] Jenin as a symbol of steadfastness,” stressing that Jenin will not surrender, and “our fighters are determined to confront and fight no matter the sacrifices.”

The PIJ held the Israeli occupation full responsibility for this aggression’s consequences. It also underscored that the Resistance will confront the enemy and will defend the Palestinian people, affirming that all options are on the table, including striking the enemy in response to its aggression in Jenin.

Hamas movement

On his part, the head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, called on the Palestinian people across the occupied West Bank to stand by Jenin and defend its people to thwart the enemy’s plan.

Haniyeh indicated that “the bloodshed on the land of Jenin will determine the nature of the next stage in all directions and paths,” adding that “our people and their resistance in all its places know how to respond to this savage aggression.”

Similarly, Hamas Spokesperson Hazem Qassem said the large-scale aggression against Jenin will not achieve its goals and the Zionist enemy will fail.

Qassem pointed out that the Israeli occupation’s “extremist fascist government, headed by the criminal Netanyahu,” bears all responsibility for the aggression against Jenin.

The Hamas spokesperson reminded that throughout history, Jenin has proven to be unbreakable and has a great capacity to stand steadfast in the face of the enemy, saluting the Resistance in Jenin, which is waging this battle with courage and heroism in the face of savage Israeli aggression.

Qassem reaffirmed that the Israeli will not be able to have the last say in the battle against the Resistance and the Palestinian people who will continue their struggle and fight until they achieve their goals of freedom and independence.

“Jenin, along with all the cities of historic Palestine, will continue its revolution and Intifada despite the crimes of the occupation, and the will of our people to stand firm is stronger than the military machine of the occupation,” the Palestinian official concluded.

Fatah movement

Fatah movement Spokesperson Monther Al-Hayek saluted Jenin that is confronting “the savage aggression launched by the Zionist terrorist government.”

The movement indicated that the Israeli occupation is delusional about its ability to kill the resistance spirit through its terror and incursions into the Palestinian camps, calling on the Palestinian people to take caution, “for the enemy is insidious, and its aim is killing, destruction and sabotage.”

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), considered in a statement that the Israeli aggression against Jenin “is inseparable from the comprehensive and continuous aggression against our people wherever they are.”

Elsewhere, the PFLP paid tribute to the heroes of the Palestinian Resistance who bravely confronted the widespread Israeli aggression against Jenin and its camp, calling on the Palestinian people in all neighboring villages and towns to unite with the people of Jenin to repel this terrorist aggression.

The Brigades underlined that the Israeli crimes “will only increase our people’s determination and steadfastness to continue the path of resistance until defeating the Zionist enemy.”

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