Palestinian security forces arrests freed prisoners, the trial of activists continues

Palestinian security services arrested the freed prisoner, Khader Adnan, during his participation in a sit-in in front of the Ramallah court building in support of activists and politicians arrested yesterday, Saturday, against the background of a call for a sit-in demanding justice for the opposition Nizar Banat, who was killed on June 24, while the security transferred yesterday’s detainees. To the Public Prosecution Office directly to investigate them on charges of illegal gathering, slander against the authority, and inciting sectarian strife.

Allan held the political level in the Palestinian Authority responsible, and said: “President Mahmoud Abbas personally bears the responsibility if Khader Adnan and Maher al-Akhras (the two freed prisoners who fought a hunger strike battle in the occupation prisons) and the rest of the political detainees are injured, whoever wants to be Khader. Another Adnan Nizar Girls has to bear personal responsibility, these security services do not move except by a decision from higher authorities and the Palestinian leadership room.

Regarding the method of arresting Adnan, the released prisoner Muhammad Allan told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the protesters in front of the court in the city of Al-Bireh, adjacent to the city of Ramallah in the central West Bank, were surprised after Adnan stepped aside to speak with a lawyer by the arrival of a police vehicle that arrested him by kidnapping surreptitiously. For someone to pay attention, and this is a massacre against Palestinian liberties, and this is a black day in the Palestinian cause.”

In an interview with our reporters, Adnan’s wife, suggested that the reason for her husband’s arrest was his continuation of the sit-in in front of the police station at night against the arrest of activists, and his continuation of the sit-in in front of the court building in the morning.

Moussa said: “We stayed at the sit-in and chanted in the early morning when we saw the detainees. I think that the chants hurt and hurt them. The Palestinian Authority is arresting anyone who it cannot silence, but it is an illusion that the arrest will silence those who show solidarity with the detainees. We were in solidarity with 22 detainees and now we are in solidarity with 23.” “.

In turn, lawyer Dhafer Sa’ida from the “Lawyers for Justice” group explained to “Al-Araby Al-Jadeed”, during his presence on the court premises, that 22 detainees (not including Adnan) were all referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation, and they were divided into two files. , so that the investigation ended with some of them are being investigated with others.

Saeda confirmed that the investigation with them revolved around the accusations of illegal gathering, slander against the authority and inciting sectarian strife, and decided this afternoon, to release the detainees: Maher Al-Akhras, Ubadah Al-Qawasmi, Ibrahim Abu Hijleh, Youssef Amro, Nayef Hashlamoun, Duha Muaddi, Kawthar Al-Abwini, while The Public Prosecution decided to extend the detention of Hamza Zbeidat, Omar Assaf, Ghassan Al-Saadi, and Imad Al-Barghouti, for a period of 48 hours, while the rest are presented to the Public Prosecution in succession.

The mother of the detainee, Duha Muaddi, who stood at the sit-in in front of the Courts Complex today, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “What happened with Duha was that she had left her work in the vicinity of Al-Manara roundabout, and there was supposed to be a sit-down for Nizar girls, girls who were not criminally charged.” No one was even speaking the truth.” She asked, “Has being on the minaret become a crime?

Maadi said, “I tried to enter the court’s headquarters to find out the situation of my daughter Duha, but I was prevented from doing so, after security saw that I had a protest sign in my hand.”

However, one of the detainees, Abu al-Aboudi, confirmed in a phone call to his wife Hind al-Sharida that they had given notice to the Ramallah governorate since last Wednesday, before the sit-down that was scheduled for Saturday evening, so that the procedures would be legal.

Meanwhile, Palestinian police spokesman Louay Rzeigat said, in a press statement, “What happened yesterday was an invitation from the movements to gather and gather in the center of Ramallah, and there was no official permit and permission from the official authorities to hold a rally, and a group of the movement refused. Signing the conditions for the gathering, 24 people were arrested, arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution to take the legal requirement in accordance with the provisions of Article (12) of the Public Meetings Law of 1998.

In turn, the legal expert, Majed Al-Arouri, said, in a post on his Facebook page, in response to the police statement, “There is no article No. 12 in the law, as the police statement mentioned that the law consists of only 9 articles, but it is the law of public meetings No. 12 of 1998″.

More than one hundred and twenty Palestinian citizens have been arrested by the Palestinian security services on the grounds of freedom of opinion and expression, peaceful assembly and political affiliation since May

Al-Arouri continued, “If the police wish to set controls on the duration and course of the gathering, they respond to the notification providers in writing within a maximum of 24 hours, showing these controls, which are limited to the path and duration, otherwise it is considered approval of the notification as stated.”

Al-Arouri stressed that “there is no such thing as signing agreeing to the conditions of gathering at all in the law. The law does not require any signature from the notification providers other than signing the notification, contrary to what the police said. Notification providers, not all of the crowds, whose numbers may sometimes reach tens of thousands, and it has the jurisdiction to sentence violators of the law if they are convicted, to imprisonment for up to two months or to pay a fine equivalent to 50 Jordanian dinars.

Al-Arouri pointed out that “the police seized the freedom of 24 people in violation of the law and charged with a penalty of 250 shekels (about $77), according to the Public Meetings Law.”

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Forum condemned the political arrests made by the security services, and denounced the physical assault by the same forces against the freed prisoner Maher al-Akhras and activist Obada al-Qawasmi.

The forum stated: “These arbitrary arrests reflect the ruling regime’s insistence on consolidating a police reality and ruling outside the context of the law and national norms, and they are a dangerous indication of the dictatorship, repression and contempt for basic civil and political rights and the dignity of every Palestinian man and woman.”

For its part, the “Lawyers for Justice” group reported in a press statement that more than one hundred and twenty Palestinian citizens have been arrested by the Palestinian security services in connection with freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and political affiliation since last May, following the aggression on Sheikh neighborhood surgeon and the Gaza Strip until today.

“Lawyers for Justice” noted that among the detainees there were more than fifteen women, while the security services, in their civilian and military clothes, used the method of repression and dragging, and at many times some detainees were severely beaten during arrest.

The opposition and former candidate for the Legislative Council, Nizar Banat, was killed on June 24, while the security forces arrested him in Hebron, while the autopsy report announced by human rights organizations and the report of the investigation committee set up by the Palestinian Authority showed that his death was unnatural, and the autopsy report showed that he was subjected to torture. beaten all over his body.


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