Palestinian Security Services Besieges the House of A representative in the Legislative Council

Palestinian sources reported, today, Saturday, that the security services of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stormed Jenin camp in the occupied West Bank amid heavy gunfire, and surrounded the house of Legislative Council Representative Shami al-Shami.

That was days after the new head of the Shin Bet security service, Ronen Bar, met Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at his residence in Ramallah-West Bank.

Witnesses said that gunmen and the security services used bullets heavily in Jenin camp during an attempt to arrest, Sami Al-Rakh, son of the martyr Colonel Hisham Al-Rakh, former deputy director of Preventive Security, who was assassinated years ago, his son wanted for trying to revenge his father death.

Shami al-Shami, the representative in the Legislative Council from Jenin Governorate, said that the security services brought an armored military vehicle after besieging my house, there is fake news about attacking my house which is not true, they only sieging it.

Hebrew military correspondent for Channel 12, Nir Devory, revealed that “Israel” wants the authority to “control the security situation” in Jenin and Hebron, after the recent events, especially after the appearance of resistance fighters from Al-Qassam movement at the funeral of Hamas leader Wasfi Kabha, last Friday. Which angered the occupying state and the Palestinian Authority, according to various sources.

Nir Dvouri, the military correspondent of the channel, explained that these discussions took place in the meeting between the new head of the Israeli intelligence “Shin Bet” and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in Ramallah, last week, and lasted for half an hour.

Last Sunday, Mahmoud Abbas visited many leaders of the security services in Jenin governorate, due to an armed march headed by Al-Qassam movement at the funeral of the leader, Wasfi Qabha, last Friday.

The visit included, according to the sources, “the director of the General Intelligence Service in Jenin, Brigadier General Muhammad Abd Rabbo, the commander of the Jenin area in the National Security Service, Colonel Basem Rashid, the director of the Military Intelligence in Jenin, Colonel Talib Salahat, as well as the director of Preventive Security in Jenin, Brigadier Mujahid. Alawneh.”

Sources said that “the change came due to the inability of the Palestinian security services to deal with the militants” in Jenin.

General Political Commissioner, spokesman for the security services, Talal Dwaikat, said that “the visits  that the institution made today in Jenin governorate came within their normal context, and in consultation and coordination between the leaders of the security services,” adding that “the aim is to strengthen The security situation in the governorate,”.

Dweikat said that “the officials were moved to other leadership positions within their agencies in other governorates,” praising “the security officials role in Jenin governorate during the previous years.”


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