President El-Sisi: “Egypt Joins One Ocean Summit Declaration”

President El-Sisi announced Friday that Egypt has adapted the One Ocean Summit Declaration due to be issued following the end of the Brest-based Summit.

“I would like to thank His Excellency President Emmanuel Macron for his invitation to this summit at this important time in the field of international climate action and efforts to protect nature, a reflection of the importance that these issues have become and the tireless efforts made by our countries in this regard,” said Sisi in his speech.

The One Ocean Summit aims to mobilize the international community to take tangible action towards preserving and supporting a healthy and sustainable ocean.

He added that: “The seas and oceans represent about 70 percent of the surface of our planet, link our peoples and cultures, and contribute to the movement of international trade and navigation, as well as being an important source of food and natural resources, and a catalyst for economic activity and the prosperity of entire societies and countries.”

“We are well aware of this in Egypt,” Sisi noted.

He stressed that: “Our location on the Red and Mediterranean seas has contributed to the emergence of our extended civilization and the building of our development throughout history, in addition to Egypt’s possession of the Suez Canal, which has contributed and is still contributing to the international trade movement as one of the most important shipping lanes in the world.”

Furthermore, the Egyptian President disclosed that Egypt is keen to join the “Global Ocean Alliance” and “High Ambitious Alliance for Nature and People” initiatives, looking forward to working within their framework with all parties to ensure that they achieve the desired results.

“Emphasizing our contribution to the international effort to protect the seas and oceans, I am pleased to announce that Egypt has joined the declaration to be issued at our summit under the title “Protecting the Ocean: A Time for Action”, Sisi manifested.

He affirmed that the One Ocean Summit will produce positive results that reflect the commitment of our countries to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and protecting the seas and oceans.

“In this regard, I look forward to welcoming you in Sharm El-Sheikh during the upcoming Climate Change Summit, so that we can continue our conversation together in the interest of protecting life on our planet, for us and for future generations,” the president said.


Arab Observer

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