President Xi Jinping, Zelensky hold talks via phone

President Xi Jinping held a telephone talk with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday.

Both presidents exchanged views on bilateral ties and the Ukraine crisis.

Xi said regarding the Ukraine crisis China has always been on the side of peace, and its core position is facilitating peace talks.

China will contribute to stopping hostilities and restoring peace and will send an special envoy on Eurasian affairs to visit countries, including Ukraine, to have in-depth communications with concerned parties on the political settlement of the crisis, Xi said.

The Chinese president stressed dialogue and negotiation as the only way out for the Ukraine crisis.

Noting there is no winner in a nuclear war, Xi said all parties concerned should exercise restraint and maintain calmness on the nuclear issue. He urged joint efforts to manage the crisis for the benefit of humanity. Xi expressed his hope all parties reflect on the Ukraine crisis and jointly pursue an approach to ensure long-lasting peace in Europe.

Zelensky expressed his appreciation to China for the humanitarian assistance it provided to Ukraine, and welcomes the Chinese side in playing an important role in restoring peace and resolving the crisis through political means.

On bilateral ties, Xi said no matter how the international situation evolves, China is ready to work with Ukraine to advance mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.




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