Putin: “Russia open to military-technical cooperation with other states”

Moscow is seeking to develop equal technological partnerships with countries that want to defend their national interests

Russia is willing to further develop military-technical cooperation with other countries that understand the importance of building an equal and indivisible security system, President Vladimir Putin declared during an address to the Army-2023 expo outside Moscow on Monday.  

In a video message to the congress, Putin lauded the expo’s contribution to military-technical cooperation and broader multifaceted relations between Russia and other nations, now that it is recognized as one of the world’s largest innovative military product forums. 

“Russia is open to deepening equal technological partnership and military-technical cooperation with other countries, with everyone who defends their national interests, their independent path of development, and considers it fundamentally important to build together an equal indivisible security system that would reliably protect each state,” Putin declared.

He added that more than 1,500 Russian enterprises were presenting over 28,500 samples of modern military and dual-use products at stands, expositions and training grounds at the dedicated Patriot Park testing facility near Moscow, during the expo.

The business program at the forum also features 250 events dedicated to diversifying the military-industrial complex and developing artificial intelligence technologies.

“Russia has something to offer in these breakthrough, promising areas. Year by year, we have a growing market for products that use artificial intelligence technologies,” the president said.

Russia intends to further develop cooperation with other countries in a variety of areas, Putin annoucned, including training foreign military personnel conducting joint strategic command-and-staff exercises.

Recognizing that more and more foreign military-industrial companies are participating in the forum, Putin noted that last year there had been 32 foreign companies exhibiting products at the event, while this year that number is 82. 

The Army 2023 forum kicked off outside Moscow on Monday, August 14 and will run for a week. The annual event is being held at multiple venues, including the Patriot Expo venue, as well as the Kubinka Air Base and Alabino military training grounds.

Negotiations at last year’s expo led to the signing of numerous contracts between various parties worth a total of over 500 billion rubles, or nearly $8 billion at the time.

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