Run over 14 Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem and Netanyahu threatening a massive military operation in Gaza

Run over 14 Israeli soldiers in the early hours of last night, and a Palestinian youth, in some areas of occupied Jerusalem, carried out the operation. As soon as the run-up took place, the Israeli police forces rushed to the scene of the attempt to reveal the bomber, but he escaped.

Details of the operation to run over 14 Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem

Details of run over 14 Israeli soldiers

The operation to run over Israeli soldiers comes in light of the continuous violations by the Zionist occupation forces to Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and the operation came in response to the announcement of what he called Netanyahu and Donald Trump Century deal, In which he gave those who do not have to those who do not deserve.

According to Israeli media, the victims of the 14 soldiers’ run-over operation in the capital of the Palestinian state, “Jerusalem”, resulted in severe injuries, some of them in serious condition, and they were all taken to hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.

The Israeli Prime Minister threatened a massive military operation in the besieged Gaza Strip, prior to the Israeli elections on the first of next March, in response to the continued resistance by bombing Israel With incendiary missiles and balloons.

Run over 14 Israeli soldiers

Meanwhile, the occupation forces are still searching for the person who ran over in Jerusalem, and it has not been reached, and not a single soldier was able to pursue or shoot him.

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