Russia: Radioactive materials pass through Chernomorsk and Odessa ports

Russian Foreign Ministry noted on Wednesday that a number of media, social networks, and other Internet sources claim that Ukrainian ports in the Odessa region are potentially involved in the delivery of radioactive substances.

Pointing out that the radioactive monitoring system was turned off during one of the deliveries, Russia stressed that the fact these events were taking place close to Molodva’s separatist state of Transnistria is a “cause for concern,” reiterating its warning that Kiev plans an armed provocation in the area.

The ministry underscored that radioactive substances supposedly of European and American origin were delivered to Chernomorsk and Odessa ports on February 16 and 19, respectively. One of these shipments is said to have contained a radioactive substance “California-252” used to check the integrity of nuclear reactors, but the statement also conveyed it may be used in making a so-called “dirty bomb.”




Arab Observer

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