Russia Requests U.N. Security Council Meeting Over U.S. Strikes on Iraq, Syria

Moscow condemns ‘new blatant act of American-British aggression against sovereign states,’ says Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson

Russia on Saturday condemned the US strikes on Iraq and Syria, and requested a UN Security Council meeting to discuss the issue. 

The US has “once again demonstrated its aggressive essence and disregard for international law,” said Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

According to her, the attack led to the destruction of civilian infrastructure and casualties among ordinary people.

“The obedient participation of the British Royal Air Force in the US attacks should not create the illusion of some kind of ‘international coalition’ for anyone. London has yet to answer for its diligence in supporting the purely provocative actions of its superiors in Washington,” she said.

Zakharova accused the US of intentionally aggravating the situation in the Middle East, saying: “Washington, believing in its impunity, continues to sow destruction and chaos in the Middle East. The largest US air raid in the region since 2003, led by Joe Biden’s ‘act of retaliation’ for the unidentified drone attack on the American base in Jordan has no justification.”

“We strongly condemn the new blatant act of American-British aggression against sovereign states. We are seeking urgent consideration of the current situation through the UN Security Council,” she said.

In all, more than 85 targets were hit with more than 125 precision munitions, US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.The US started airstrikes on Friday against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-Quds Force and Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria after a suicide drone attack killed three American troops in Jordan late last month.

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