Saif al-Islam renews his appeal to Libyans to receive their electoral cards

Saif Gaddafi, candidate for the presidential elections in Libya, renewed his call for Libyans to expedite the receipt of their electoral cards, to vote in the elections scheduled for the 24th of next December.

In a Facebook post, Gaddafi said: “In order for Libya to regain its national sovereignty and free will, preserve its unity, and move towards building and making up for what it missed, hurry up to receive your electoral cards and do not miss the opportunity.”

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi addresses a statement to the Libyans regarding the upcoming elections

He said: “At a time when Libya stands at the gates of a historic station, and in front of a fateful entitlement that will help us out of the crisis… I address you, who share the dream of saving Libya from the yoke of war and chaos, and I invite you to go and receive your electoral cards from the High Electoral Commission in way to participate in the electoral process.

On November 18, Gaddafi issued his first statement, in which he called on “all Libyans to participate in the comprehensive national reconciliation project and to participate in the electoral process.”


Arab Observer

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