Salah: I sit in front of the sea alone.. and the people of Egypt are proud of us

The Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, confirmed that he is having difficulty concentrating with his team at the present time, in light of negotiating his new contract with the club’s management. He also indicated that the people of Egypt are proud of what the Egyptian team has achieved in the African Nations Cup and World Cup qualifiers.

Salah said in an interview published by the Brazilian version of the network “ESPN”: “I am very honest with myself, I think at the end of each season what I need to develop, I sit in front of the sea alone and write what I want to achieve, I write a lot about winning the Champions League and the English Premier League, this always motivates me. .

He continued, “I think I’m having a good season right now. Winning individual titles is the result of collective titles with the team. I hope to win titles with Liverpool this season, which means winning individual awards automatically.”

On the Egyptian national team, the captain said: We did everything we could to win the African Nations Cup and qualify for the 2022 World Cup. We lost on penalties. The Egyptians are proud of us. Now I’m back in Liverpool, so I must shift my focus to the team and fight for the remainder of the season.

The player revealed about his condition while negotiating his new contract: I have to focus, I know what I want, and I know I have the professionalism. Focus is difficult but not impossible, there are many distractions, everyone talks about everything, the team was fine while I am in Cameroon, But they were asking me when will you come back?

Salah spoke a few days ago with Sky Sports about the renewal of Liverpool and said: It is a sensitive situation, and I am not selfish to talk now about my contract at a crucial stage for the team.

He added: There are many things that people do not know, I cannot say I will renew and I cannot say no I will not renew, I have said a lot before about what I want, but again I do not want to go into details.

The player’s numbers and statistics have witnessed a noticeable decline with his team, Liverpool, since losing the African Nations Cup final last February, as he did not score goals from open play with the “Reds” since February 19 against Norwich City.

The contract of the player who is the top scorer in the English Premier League expires in the summer of 2023.

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