Sarraj government puts obstacles on Geneva conference on the Libyan crisis

At a time announced The Libyan parliament has agreed to participate in the Geneva talks on conditions, The reconciliation government refused and stipulated the withdrawal of the army. An official in the Libyan Al-Wefaq government, MP Hamouda Siyala, said that there was no participation in the Geneva conference before the army withdrew.

In conjunction with the convening of meetings of the Libyan Dialogue Committee in Geneva under the auspices of the UN envoy, Ghassan Salameh, the Libyan Parliament approved in Tuesday’s session a number of conditions that must be met for its participation in the Geneva meeting.

Speaker of the Libyan Parliament
Speaker of the Libyan Parliament

He also stressed that his representatives in the Geneva Dialogue are chosen by him and under the dome of Parliament, stressing the need to clearly define the tasks of the Dialogue Committees, the duration of time and the mechanisms of their work.

In addition, the Libyan parliament demanded that no government be approved and approved unless approved by it and that the number of its representatives be not equal to the number of representatives of the advisory council.

This position came hours after the UN envoy announced that “there is a real will to start negotiations” between the two warring parties, with their intention to meet for talks in Geneva with the aim of reaching a permanent ceasefire in the country.

Ghassan Salama
Ghassan Salama

Salama also told a press conference in Geneva that he asked the Security Council to pass a resolution reaffirming the existing arms embargo and agreeing to measures to ensure adherence to it.

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