Security and intelligence coordination between Egypt, Turkey to hand over a list of wanted Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Over the past few days, the pace of rapprochement between Egypt and Turkey has been accelerating strongly, and talks between the two countries have begun to move towards actual measures to achieve reconciliation.

The French website “Intelligence Online” confirmed the existence of security and intelligence coordination between the two countries to consider the extradition of some Brotherhood leaders to Egypt, explaining that Ankara has a strong desire to accelerate the pace of rapprochement with Cairo, even if it comes to handing over some leaders from the Brotherhood. It is a demand that Egypt insists on and will not back down – according to what the site confirms – in light of the Turkish desire to settle the differences between the two countries and restore them to their previous era.

Erdogan is in a hurry

The website also clarified in its report that the file of the Muslim Brotherhood has become the focus of increasingly frequent meetings, stressing that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in a hurry to fully restore relations with Cairo, and may accept some of the conditions that Egypt insists on, including the extradition of individuals who You identified them and demanded their deportation.

Deportation to a third country

According to the website, Turkey is studying a list presented by Cairo bearing the names of some Brotherhood leaders, noting that Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkish intelligence, expressed his willingness to hand some of these individuals to a third country, perhaps Malaysia or Indonesia, as evidence and proof of good intentions.

wanted list

In the context, and according to other information obtained by, the wanted list included the leaders Magdi Salem and Nasr El-Din Ghazlani, who were involved in the Rabaa and Kerdasa events, and they were among the channels of communication between the Brotherhood and the Takfiris in Sinai, as they were mandated by former President Mohamed Morsi to negotiate with The kidnappers of soldiers in Rafah during the Brotherhood era, as well as Yahya Moussa, the leader of the specific operations of the Brotherhood, and Alaa al-Samahi, who were included by the US State Department on the lists of global terrorism, as well as a number of leaders of the Hasm Movement who are in Turkey.

Do not criticize the president and institutions

In addition, the Turkish authorities decided to withdraw membership cards of the ruling Justice and Development Party from a number of Brotherhood leaders, who joined the party as having Turkish citizenship, with the aim of providing the party with a large electoral base. Criticizing or directing any opposition to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi or the Egyptian state institutions through their programs, or making interventions with the Brotherhood’s “Al-Hiwar” channel, which broadcasts from London and criticizes the Egyptian state and its apparatus.

This step comes after the Mekameleen TV channel decided to permanently stop broadcasting from Istanbul and close its studios after 8 years in which it carried out its activities from Turkish territory.

Request to participate in the national dialogue

In a related context, Ayman Nour, founder and owner of Al Sharq TV, asked, through intermediaries, to participate in the national dialogue called for by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi during his speech at the Egyptian family’s Iftar last Ramadan. He made several proposals, but he has not decided on his request so far.

It is noteworthy that Turkey announced the resumption of diplomatic contacts with Egypt last year, and the two countries agreed to continue these consultations and affirm their desire to make progress in the discussion, and the need to take additional steps to improve relations between them and remove all differences.

Meanwhile, sources told Al that Nour is on his way to liquidate and close Al Sharq TV, liquidate his business in Turkey, and head to a European country and transfer his activity there.


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