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Sudan: A criminal case against a “terrorist cell” connected with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey

Sudan Public Prosecution decided on Thursday to file a criminal case against a “terrorist cell” connected with Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey.

In detail, a higher prosecutor directed the Hajj Youssef district prosecution to file a criminal case under No. 65 of the Anti-Terrorism Law / 26 of the Arms and Ammunition Law to face terrorist cell member in the Hajj Youssef region. He issued an arrest warrant for the rest of the network’s members.

According to special sources, the accused criminal belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and have Syrian passport.

The criminal admitted, according to special sources, that he had received courses on manufacturing and installing explosives, and that he and the rest of the network’s members had been sent to Sudan by smuggling with fake Syrian passports.

He was imprisoned in Egypt for several years before a decision on his release was issued, to come to Sudan.

The criminal also revealed that they arrived in the country about six months ago and kept moving during this period in the three cities of Khartoum.

He confirmed, according to the sources, that they were dealing with the leadership of the group, which is also in Turkey.

In addition, the authorities found explosive materials that the criminals were buying from separate places, as well as an explosive belt, maps of sites and a number of mobile phones.

The sources said that the defendants were moving in homes with “warehouses”, and this was discovered through information sent to authorities concerned with manufacturing chemicals in a house in Hajj Youssef.

Pointing that the Sudanese authorities continue to search for the rest of the accused to arrest them and bring them to trial.

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