Survivor from Ukraine reveals the border scandal .. A queue for blacks and another for whites

And a journalist on CNN revealed that his sister, who recently entered Poland from Ukraine, was a witness to the division of the fugitives into two columns; One for whites, and the other for people with brown skin.

The journalist, Bijan Hosseini, wrote, in a tweet on Twitter, the details of the perilous journey that his sister took, until her safe arrival in Poland.

He added that during the flight, his sister had suffered racism, wounds, bitter cold and sleep deprivation, saying that this case is only one of hundreds of thousands of people who are stuck in Ukraine and today want to escape the flames of war.

He pointed out that his sister, by adoption, hails from Sierra Leone, and this is what delayed her exit from Ukraine to Poland, after the start of the Russian invasion.

The journalist said that his sister and those with her had to walk ten full hours in a cold temperature, to reach the border of Poland, because the driver told them that he had to return to Kyiv, and at that, they had to get rid of some luggage to ease the burden.

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And this testimony about racist practices, on Ukraine’s borders with neighboring countries, is not the first, as people fleeing from war have previously spoken of giving greater care to white-skinned people who appear to be European.

Discrimination was not limited to the scenes of queues. Even the coverage of the war was not free from racist talk, which surprised the white man at the center of the war, because the usual is that battles and their tragedies are associated with people from certain countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the same vein, the US CBS correspondent was met with widespread anger, when he said, recently, in his comment on the displacements, that Ukraine is a relatively civilized European country, and not a place like Iraq and Afghanistan, “and therefore we do not expect such things to happen.”

And it was the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, David Sakfarlidze, when he said in an interview with the “BBC” network that he was very moved to see white-skinned and blond-haired people being killed every day.


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