Syria condemns Turkish regime’s aggressive practices

An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Monday that Syria condemns Turkish regime hostile practices and violations of its territories and considers them as an aggressive action and breach of its sovereignty and independence and a part of the hostile policies practiced by the Turkish regime for more than ten years.

Syria reserves its right which is guaranteed by the Syrian constitution and national laws and the principles of the international law and the provisions of the UN Charter to respond to the Turkish regime hostile practices and put an end to them and holds the Turkish regime the full legal, political and financial responsibilities under the relevant principles of the international law, the source added.

The source said that Syria calls on the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council to adopt a clear stance towards the hostile practices of the Turkish regime, in line with the Security Council’s resolutions related to the situation in Syria which affirm respecting its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.


Arab Observer




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