Syrian air defenses counter Israeli rocket attack targeting South the country

"Israel" responds to a rocket attack on the Occupied Golan Heights by shelling and targeting South Syria.

Syrian air defenses shot down several Israeli rockets that targeted the southern region of Syria.

Israeli Occupation Forces attacked Syrian territory with shells and rockets at around 5:00 AM on Sunday 9 April, a military source told SANA.

Some of the incoming missiles were shot down by Syrian air defenses, while the rest reached their targets and caused material damage in the area.

Later on, the IOF announced that they were shelling Syrian territory in response to three rockets fired from Syria towards the Occupied Golan Heights.

At dawn, three more rockets were launched at the occupied Golan Height, also originating from Syrian territory. The IOF reported that two of the rockets landed in open areas.

Sirens were activated in the southern Golan Heights after explosions were heard in the area.

Meanwhile, Israeli media experts expressed their discontent with the multiple threats to the Occupation arising from several areas.

The 34 rockets launched from Lebanon on April 6 mark the largest incident of rocket attacks from Lebanon toward the occupied territories since the 2006 War.  The IOF responded to the attack by hitting open areas in South Lebanon without any injuries or deaths reported.

The recent activation of the Syrian front adds to recent attacks from Gaza and Lebanon. The operations come in response to the Occupation’s desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and increased aggression toward Palestinian worshipers. 

Israeli media reported that the occupation is reinforcing its armed forces in Northern Palestine in response to the multiple fronts.




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