Tariq Ramadan victims … Hinda Ayari, One of his raped victims reveals shocking details

She was sent to the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Tariq Ramadan, Thursday, two additional charges of assaulting two women In 2015 and 2016 in Paris, in light of the emergence of new charges of harassment and rape against him, Hinda Ayari, one of his victims, spoke in a private dialogue within the # Arab Documentary: #Tariq_Ramadan, revealing shocking details.

Hinda Ayari: I was raped by Tariq Ramadan and I did not file a complaint against him for feeling shame
Hinda Ayari: I was raped by Tariq Ramadan and I did not file a complaint against him for feeling shame

“He was my idol and I read a lot of his books and because of him I wore the veil and in the hotel room where we met, it was a shocking surprise,” said Hinda. Noting that he lured her to his room under the pretext of speaking quietly, away from the noise. Hinda Ayari confirmed that she was raped by Tariq Ramadan and did not file a complaint at the time against him because she was ashamed. Noting that more than one woman is a victim of him and was afraid of reprisals.

The spokeswoman explained that his heinous act was a strong slap that opened her eyes to his animal reality … describing it as a hypocrite and a dangerous criminal and a liar and a manipulator.

“After he raped me … Tariq Ramadan told me that I was the reason I did not wear the veil,” she said.

“I said he was going to do his heinous act with another woman, and I knew I was going to expose him one day,” she said, while talking about the details of what happened.

Ramadan, 57, a Swiss-Egyptian citizen living in France, was accused of raping a woman who suffers from a disability in 2009 in Lyon, France, and a feminist in 2012 in Paris.

Tariq Ramadan arrived with his wife, Iman, February 13, AFP
Tariq Ramadan arrived with his wife, Iman, February 13

With Ramadan appearing before the investigating judges in Paris, more charges were added relating to the rape of two other women who had been identified by investigators from the pictures on his computer.

The two women did not file complaints against him, but both say they were involved in illegal relationships with Ramadan, one from November to December 2015 and the other in March 2016.

Ramadan, a father of four, was a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University until he had to leave when rape charges surfaced in late 2017.

He was held in February 2018 for more than nine months before being released on bail on charges related to the rape of two women in France – one in 2009 and one in 2012.

Tariq Ramadan has been prevented from leaving French territory since his release from prison. For the second time, the judiciary rejected his request to allow him to visit his home in London.

Tariq Ramadan, February 13
Tariq Ramadan

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