Terrorist Taliban Killed Rohullah Brother Mercilessly In Afghanistan

Former Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh's brother Rohullah Saleh has been killed by the Taliban forces when he was leaving Panjshir, as per reports.

The Former Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh’s brother Rohullah Saleh has been killed by the Taliban forces when he was leaving Panjshir. He was reportedly tortured to death. Rohullah Saleh, the elder brother of Amrullah, was on his way to Kabul from Panjshir when he was identified by Taliban forces. He was then captured and tortured by the terrorist group and killed mercilessly.

A fierce battle is ongoing in Panjshir Valley between resistance forces and the Taliban. In the ongoing battle, the Taliban have witnessed massive casualties. The Northern Resistance Front (NRF) have also suffered casualties including NRF spokesperson Fahim Dashty, who was killed on Sunday.

The extremists, as per multiple posts on social media, have also entered the library from where Amrullah had earlier issued a video message asserting that he is alive and was still in Panjshir on September 3. In the footage, a Taliban terrorist is seen sitting at the same spot where Amrullah Saleh was sitting.

Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Massoud on Thursday released a video and busted Pakistan’s role in the fall of Panjshir. He also appealed to the international community to not recognize Mohammad Hasan-led government as they attacked Panjshir and killed innocent people.

In the past few days, the Taliban has managed to capture the main areas of Panjshir. However, the resistance is still on. NRF leader Ali Nazary on Thursday said that 60% of Panjshir is still under the control of anti-Taliban forces. 

The NRF also sought aid from the international community as the resources are drying up after being cut off by the Taliban. The roads leading to Panjshir have been blocked by the Taliban to suspend food and medicine supplies to the valley. The insurgents have also blocked electricity and telecom services.


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