The Brotherhood attempts to start chaos in Jordan Kingdom

The confrontation continues between the government of Jordan and the Teachers ‘Union, which makes the situation more difficult for both sides, and the possibility of joining other Association unions sectors to the protests and strikes, where the doctors’ union announced Tuesday its orientation towards escalation after the government rejected the draft system that they offered.

Political parties says that Jordan having a serious issue as a result of the economic crisis which clearly caused social problems, amid fear of decision-makers to repeat the movement of 2018, which almost changed the situation in the country until the King Abdullah reaction to contain the problem it by dismissing Hani Mulqi government, undertaking of a broad community dialogue on the tax system which (never happened).

Political parties added that the decision makers worried about that they can’t contain the situation because there is no alternatives to rely on to end  the growing anger, which broke the fear among many, including trade unions, which has emerged clearly in recent years, with the decline of stocks of most parties and political powers.

Also Parties  point out that the government’s aggressive attitude towards the demands of the teachers’ union is due to its fear of opening the door for the rest of the unions to pressure on the package of demands for increasing the salary , which cannot be allowed in light of the budget deficit, as well as the fact that the government believes that the union move is connected to political agendas in relation with Muslim Brotherhood.

The last negotiations between the government of Omar Razzaz and the Teachers’ Union failed, with each side sticking to its demand and insisting to activate the agreement that was reached on the time of Abdullah Elnosor government in 2017, giving teachers the right to demand 50% bonus which means the continuation of the open strike that teachers started last Sunday.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said in an interview with Jordanian TV on Tuesday, that his government would not back  from linking bonuses with the teachers performance, “We have reached a comprehensive agreement with the previous union on the living conditions of the teacher by adding bonus not only 50 percent, but 250 percent,” Razzaz said.

He added “ if the teachers insisted to continue strike then they will have their own reaction”. The prime minister’s speech hinted that the current union led by Deputy Teachers’ Syndicate Nasser Nawasra – after the death of Captain Ahmed al-Hijaya a few weeks ago in a traffic accident – that turned against previous agreements not the government, and that the pressure it exerts will not lead to any results.

Nasser al-Nawasra, who leads the movement, is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s cadres, explains the current escalation political dimensions. This may be one of the reasons why the Razzaz government adopts a strict situation in dealing with teachers demands as it sees the escalation as an attempt by the Brotherhood to cause Chaos in the country.

The government is adopting this perception that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the current movement, as a result for some points, including that the escalation comes at a very sensitive time in terms of the return of factional and regional protests and not evidenced by the movements of Ramtha and Karak traders last month, and the second point is the time of the movement which started Last Thursday, the Brotherhood’s parliamentary reform bloc introduced a no-confidence motion from the government, and protesters carried banners calling for the dismissal of Interior Minister Salama Hammad.


Political parties says “ it can’t ignore the reality that the syndicate’s council and its central body are under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, despite the improvement in their relationship with the decision-making authority in recent months, still feel week.  

These parties point out that the group believes that the regime is in a difficult situation due to the growing economic crisis and the American pressures they face about peace plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict known as the “deal of the century.” Therefore, there is big opportunity for more strangulation and forcing him to make concessions, the most important of which is to re-grant its removed Legitimacy, Why not open the door to their involvement in decision-making positions?

Previously, the Brotherhood’s parliamentary reform bloc presented a political initiative to King Abdullah II few months ago, the most important of which was the formation of parliamentary governments and the king promised to think about it.

Observers believe that the tension between the government and the union at its most intense, in the absence of indications that the union may retreat from the open strike, which makes the situation getting harder and harder.


Earlier on Tuesday, teacher’s union spokesman Noureddine Nadim said they had no intention of suspending the strike unless teachers’ demands for a salary allowance were met.


Nadim added “Teachers are not required to find a solution, they are demanding for rights they should owned 5 years ago”. Nadim asked “Isn’t dialogue enough for so long?” , noting that “dialogue was not based on the principle of recognition of their rights.”

However, “the government is failing and procrastinating, and there is lies in the figures put forward,” stressing that “the strike is open until the demands are met and there is no discussion.” He added, “We need to recognize the teacher rights, and the head of the government owes us apology for the humiliation that the teachers suffered last Thursday, and form a commission of inquiry into the attacks against them.


Many believe that, despite the loud votes of the union council, its position seems worse than the government, especially because there are growing doubts that there are innocent agendas behind this movement.

The vice-president of the teachers ‘union had earlier tried to deny any political nature of the teachers’ move, saying “The government dissolves the Muslim Brotherhood problem or deny it from the country it’s not my problem , I only care about teachers” he told a press conference at the union’s headquarters on Saturday.

He said “Once again, the group  dissolved or not, jailed or not I don’t care this is not my problem, my main purpose is the teacher”

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