The World v. ‘Israel’: Is Justice Really Blind?

South Africa is reclaiming history once again after 34 years, by taking the Israeli occupation to court in front of the whole world, for the intentional erasure of the people of Gaza through its thirst for genocide. But, this is the trial of not the puppet, but the puppeteer – the United States of America. 
The United States is the godfather Don Corleone – minus the charisma – and “Israel” is Sonny, the son who does the dirty work for his father, while his father always cleans up his dirt.  
“Israel” is repeating the history of the United States with the Indigenous natives. With the US constantly covering its protegee’s mess, “Israel” believes it has no chance of being prosecuted for genocide, and a global condemnation is just another black point on their endless list of criminal records. Think ‘The Untouchables’ but with daddy’s money for weapons and an urge for blood. 
The International Court of Justice’s ruling yesterday is unfinished business – for South Africa on one side and “Israel’s” allies like the United States and the United Kingdom on the other. 

Any party to the Genocide Convention is obligated to “prevent and punish” the crime of genocide, and not doing so makes it naturally complicit to it. Exhibit A: The United States. 

Business as usual

A legal team from South Africa filed case proceedings against “Israel” on December 29, 2023, under the basis of violating obligations of the Genocide Convention through its aggression against Palestinians in Gaza. In turn, “Israel” labeled the case “blood libel” amid a push-and-pull with the Biden administration. 
South Africa is currently preparing to file an additional lawsuit against the United States and the United Kingdom for being united in complicity with “Israel” in the Gaza genocide. Even Namibia told Germany to subtly “shut up and sit down” after it attempted to follow suit and deny “Israel’s” commitment of the crime in Gaza, reminding it of its own crimes of genocide in Namibia in 1904. 

Although the verdict for the provisional measures came out on January 26, waiting for a final verdict by the ICJ could take years. Still, the ICJ’s ruling on Friday, obliging “Israel” to prevent the crime of genocide and to allow the provision of aid – leaving unfinished its own obligation to demand an immediate ceasefire – is no more than business for the mafia.

The US Department of State, mere hours after the preliminary verdict was released, went back to its old habits, and continuously denied any evidence of the crime of genocide being committed by “Israel” and called South Africa’s lawsuit baseless.

The interim verdict brings to light the integrity of the court and the United Nations, which has already lost most of its value, and this case served as a last hope for it to redeem itself. The failure of ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, especially after visiting the occupied West Bank and proving his visit was just for show, was the first testimony to that. 

It goes without saying that the intent for the complete extermination of the population of Gaza would not have been possible if it were not for the gold and guns of America. It would even be useless to present the endless billions of American cash so far gifted to the IOF, as it would not add any substantial matter to this case. The evidence is present, and so is the pre-meditated intent to erase the ethnic roots of Palestine at the hands of the American-Israeli mafia.

In terms of criminal law, mens rea (mental planned intent) and actus reus (physical elements) pertaining to the crime are required to prove guilt. In international law, mens rea is the base of Article 30 of the international treaty of the Rome Statute. There’s no corner for the US or “Israel” to hide in because the cards are on deck and the cards have been dealt.

It must be mentioned that the US and “Israel” voted against the Rome Statute of 1998, the treaty that defined and outlined genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression, which later led to the establishment of the ICC.

If there were no occupational forces of “Israel” – commanded, driven, and puppeteered by the US – then there would be no entryway for the US into the Middle East. The US is overtly an accomplice to the genocide in Gaza and even worse, intentionally planning the crime for “Israel” to carry out. Providing the means to execute is not just complicity but is pure and pre-meditated intent with sufficient knowledge of the consequences of this crime against humanity.

Article 6 of the Rome Statute clearly states that genocide constitutes “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: Killing members of the group; Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group”. 

The intentional denial of the commitment of the crime of genocide by “Israel” by the US and the neglect of the ICJ to demand an immediate ceasefire to the war crimes remain as no surprise to those wary of Western discourse and psyche.

So what follows after today’s disappointment in the system of justice and world order?

Unfinished business

The South Africa v. “Israel” case has not been closed, and thus more hearings and testimonies are expected to ensue, with more nations like Algeria and Nicaragua joining the prosecution. What does this mean for the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and all Western cowards seeking to join the dark side against the murder of Palestinian children?

President Joe Biden – or ‘Genocide Joe’ – is currently facing a lawsuit by Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq and other advocacy groups, including Jewish groups, for being complicit in the genocidal war. This is just another egg in the basket of trials for the crumbling president. With South Africa proclaiming intent to take the US to court for the same reason, another hearing will follow on how ‘the land of liberty and lies’ has dragged itself into another war for the books, and another black dot on the criminal record. 
If “Israel” does not comply with the emergency measures set forth by the ICJ, it will deepen the abyss into which the US will find itself, it will prove that “Israel” believes itself above the law, and the value of the international rule of law would have taken a fall from the illusion of grace it was long founded on. 

Taking into consideration how this has become a mafia monopoly, a looming victory of South Africa’s case will have America and “Israel’s” built-up image sleeping with the fishes. 
This case and its preliminary verdict are no longer representing a game of political camaraderie, but of mafia behavior– and the ICJ exposed itself as being a part of it.
This prosecution against the US is long overdue, as its crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Libya were put on the backburner for so long that its involvement in the crimes against Palestine just let the pot spill over and lit a fire in its own kitchen.
Yesterday’s ruling demonstrates more work to be done, and this does not mean that “Israel” is untouchable as long as it remains under the US’ wing. “Israel” failed to live up to its father’s expectations, and now not only is grand ol’ father ‘Murica cleaning up the mess, but still remains very adamant on vetoing and denying any existence of a crime because its child is such a “beacon of democracy”, as former PM Naftali Bennett said two years ago at the UN General Assembly. 
Joe Biden is just another Dusko Tadic, a war criminal awaiting trial to have endless counts of violations against humanity rack up, cementing its position in history books for generations to not remember but to use as an exhibit of genocide and the cold-blooded murder of the olive branch and its bearers. 

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