They reveal the speech that Luis Rubiales refused to read after the kiss scandal

The former head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation has refused to interpret a text written by a consultant hired to improve his public image.

Luis Rubiales has refused to resign from the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). “I am not going to resign!”, he indicated, at least five times, during the Extraordinary Assembly of August 25. There, he gave a speech and justified his actions after starring in an embarrassing episode by kissing Jenni Hermoso without her consent during celebrations after winning the Women’s World Cup.

The former manager had a clear position. Rightly so, it was direct. Resigning was never in his plans. However, the investigation continued and he was suspended for 90 days by FIFA. he was forced to leave his post . In fact, he also had to resign as UEFA vice-president. This, yes, He never expressed self-criticism after what happened: “There are powers that be that will prevent my return . “There is the management of my team and, above all, the happiness I have for the enormous privilege of these more than 5 years at the head of the Federation,” he declared in the official press release where he communicated its decision.

Refusal of declaration

The days pass and the affair, for obvious reasons, is not forgotten. In fact, more information is revealed. During the last hours, The Spanish newspaper El Mundo published a text written by Luis Arroyo an external advisor to the RFEF recently hired to improve the image of Rubiales, but which the former president of the federation refused to read.

Although Arroyo and the press team tried to convince him to read the text, the former leader rejected this option, still defending himself against “social murder.”

“I am truly sorry, from the bottom of my heart, to have tarnished this huge victory for our women’s team (…) The first mistake was crossing the limits of trust with the player Jenni Hermoso . She knows there was no bad intention, but It is obvious that what was meant to be a gesture of joy and congratulation became a symbol of domination by a man in a position of power – myself – over a woman. . I am imperfect, of course, but I consider myself a respectful citizen and I have never accepted gestures of violence or domination over any woman,” he said in the text written by Arroyo.

“The second mistake was initially to deny the seriousness with which many appreciated my gesture, and to insult those who criticized it. After many hours of travel, precisely with the players and coaches of the Federation, I was unable to appreciate the social sensitivity of the moment. It was the second mistake, total. The third was to not appreciate the inappropriateness of my behavior the next day, and to make nuances and excuses. I should have said then what I say now in three words: I’m sorry. Pardon (…)”, He continued.

“I am fully convinced that there is no punishable act in my conduct and I will confirm this if necessary. But it is clear that my behavior was inappropriate and I reiterate my apologies. . “I am at the disposal of the Integrity Space of the Federation, which has already opened an internal procedure,” concludes the letter.

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