Tunisia-Abir Moussi files lawsuit against Rached Ghannouchi, Habib Kheder and Seifeddine Makhlouf

President of the Free Destourian Part (PDL) Abir Moussi officially filed a lawsuit to the Court of First Instance against House speaker  Rached Ghannouchi, his Chief staff Habib Kheder and Al Karama Coalition secretary-general Seifeddine Makhlouf.

MP Moussi is accusing the trio to stand behind the attacks that targeted her and bloc under the parliament dome.

Moreover, Moussa said in a statement to a local radio that the seriousness of the attack, which occurred last week, lay under the dome of Parliament and facilitated by the supervisors of the Council and the collusion of the Speaker of Parliament.

It is noteworthy that on January 15, the Tunisian parliament witnessed a sharp eruption against the background of Ghannouchi’s visit to Ankara and his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The representative of the Democratic Bloc, Mounji Rahoui, during a plenary session of the Tunisian parliament, on Wednesday evening, called for the necessity of holding Ghannouchi accountable before the Tunisian National Security Council against the background of that visit.



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