Tunisia – Ennahdha Brotherhood Calls Saïed to End Emergency Rule and Lifting Freeze On Parliament

Ennahdha Brotherhood movement stressed, Thursday, the need to quickly end the state of emergency, lift the freeze of parliament and appoint a personality to form a legitimate government capable of dealing with the difficult economic and social situation.

“There can be no way out of the crisis without national dialogue enshrining the participatory principle in the construction of a new landscape to achieve the expected political stability,” reads the statement of the executive board of Ennahdha Brotherhood met Wednesday evening.

On July 25, the President of the Republic had announced “exceptional measures”, referring to Article 80 of the Constitution, namely the freezing of all activities of the parliament and the lifting of immunity of all members.

Kais Saied also announced that he would dismiss Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi and take over the executive power with the help of the government, which will be chaired by a premier appointed by the President of the Republic.

The text of the Constitution, according to Ennahdha Brotherhood, represents a social contract that has been the subject of a broad consensus and has its own mechanisms for amendment on the basis of a participatory and consensual approach between all political parties and representatives of civil society.

The executive board of Ennahdha Brotherhood considered that the Constitution of 2014 qualified, two days ago, by the head of state, “of padlocked text in the service of the mafia”, is “in fact the fruit of a national dialogue that allowed Tunisia to obtain the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015”.

The executive board of Ennahdha has reiterated its refusal of any form of restriction on public and personal freedoms and trial of civilians before the military justice or the house arrest and infringement of freedom of movement without judicial procedure. Provisions that have affected several political actors, MPs, businessmen and executives of the Tunisian administration, deplores the party.

On another level, the executive board asks to reveal the identity of the Tunisian who set himself on fire last Saturday at Habib Bourguiba Avenue, to determine the circumstances and to open an investigation into this matter.

It also denounced the smear campaigns conducted on social media against several public figures at the instigation of those who call themselves supporters of President Kais Saied.

Arab Observer

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