Tunisian President terminates the duties of a number of officials in high positions

Tunisian President Kais Saied reiterated that there is no room for harming the people’s power, pointing out that the law will be applied to anyone who tries to tamper with the citizens’ power.

Saeed said during his meeting with the Director General of the Office of Grains, Bashir Al Kathiri, at Carthage Palace on Thursday, that there is no way to go back, stressing that there is no dialogue except with the honest.

He also added that no one was arrested for his opinion, and rights and freedoms will not be violated.

Tunisian President and Director General of the Grain Office

“Keeping the covenant”

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian president had stressed on Monday that he would “keep the covenant” until the people’s demands are fulfilled.

He also added that the looted money should be returned to the Tunisian people, saying: “I promised the Tunisian people to work for them.”

He reiterated the accountability of all those who stole the people’s money, explaining that he will not tolerate those who plunder the livelihood of Tunisians.

In addition, some officials were accused of not carrying out their duties.

$4.8 billion

On July 28, Qais Saeed announced that 460 people had looted 13,500 billion dinars ($4.8 billion) of the country’s money, based on a report by the National Commission for Inquiry on Bribery and Corruption.

He also called on all those involved to engage in this reconciliation instead of legal and judicial prosecution and imprisonment, stressing that he does not want to harm anyone or harm businessmen and owners of small and medium enterprises who pay taxes, pointing out that his goal is to return the looted money to the people.

He offered a penal settlement and a legal settlement with all those involved in looting public money, in exchange for returning the looted money to the people. He explained that he will issue a legal text regulating the procedures that allow the recovery of looted funds.

Freezing Parliament and dismissing the Prime Minister

It is noteworthy that these statements came after the Tunisian President announced on July 25 that he would freeze the work of Parliament for a month, and relieve Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi of his duties and assuming the executive authority himself.

He also relieved Minister of Defense Ibrahim El-Bertaji, Acting Minister of Justice, Minister of Public Service and Government Spokesperson Hasna Ben Sulaiman of their duties.

finish tasks

In addition, he completed the duties of a number of officials in high positions in the government. And decided to relieve the Secretary General of the Government, the Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Government, advisers to the Prime Minister, the Head of the General Authority for the Killed and Wounded of the Revolution and Terrorist Operations, and a number of those entrusted with a mission to the Prime Minister’s Office from their duties.

He relieved the Minister of Economy, Finance and Investment Support, and the Minister of Communication Technologies, who also holds the position of Acting Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, from their positions. Siham Al-Boughdiri was appointed to run the affairs of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Investment Support, and Nizar Bennaji to run the Ministry of Communication Technologies. He relieved the Director General of the official television, Muhammad Lasd Al-Dahesh, of his duties, and assigned Awatef Al-Dali to run the institution temporarily.

In the latest exceptional measures, he issued presidential orders on August 5 to end the assignment of Akram Al-Sebri, governor of Monastir, Habib Chouat, governor of Medenine, and Saleh Matiraoui, governor of Zaghouan, according to the Tunisian presidency.


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