Turkey makes clear intent to keep military presence, mercenaries in Libya

Libya’s neighboring countries, regional and international powers, as well as a wide range of political forces in Libya, repeatedly demand the exit of foreign forces and mercenaries from the country, in preparation for the presidential and parliamentary elections expected next December.

Akar said in press statements that the Turkish regime presence will remain in Libya.

He indicated in press statements that his country “provides security and training advice, and that they (the Turks) are not foreigners in Libya.

‘Turkish feudal Tripoli’

The Libyan strategic analyst, Muhammad Al-Tarhouni, believes that the Turkish minister’s statements come within the framework of his country’s vision for the western region of Libya as “its fiefdom”, especially since there are Libyan arms that enabled them from the Tripoli region and made the money of the Libyan people at the service of Ankara’s collapsed economy.

In turn, the Moroccan al-Kilani, a Libyan political analyst, denounced Akar’s statements, calling for the principle of reciprocity with Ankara. “If the Turkish forces are not foreign, then the Libyans have the right to demand Ankara open military bases and be visited by Libyan officers who received their education in the best military colleges in the Arab world, such as who studied in Egypt.

A challenge to the international community

Al-Tarhouni said in an interview that Akar’s statements represent a challenge to the international community, as it does not want to hold elections because it considers the end of its presence in the country, especially since the Libyan people called the Muslim Brotherhood “Ankara’s arm” with which it wants to maintain its expansion project in the region.

Al-Tarhouni called on the international community to take serious steps towards this Turkish arrogance, highlighting that “Libya is the last of the Brotherhood project led by Turkey, and therefore these statements and other Turkish practices are considered the “dance of the slaughtered rooster”, because if Libya loses after the heavy loss suffered by the terrorist organization in Egypt Currently, in Tunisia, the ambition of Ottoman rule seeking to control the region will end.

Turkey in the protection of militias

The Moroccan Al-Kilani pointed out that one of the most important paradoxes is the presence of the Turkish forces in protecting and supporting the militias, especially the extremists of the cities of Al-Zawiya and Misurata, noting that Ankara is exerting very great pressure to conclude major economic agreements to end the crisis that Turkey is experiencing as a result of Erdogan’s policies.

Al-Maghraby referred to what Akar said about that they are continuing their activities in the country at the invitation of the government, wondering what is meant by the government.

The Turkish minister’s statements and visits to Libya continued, and in an unannounced visit he did not coordinate with the Libyan government, he visited Akar Tripoli as part of a high-level delegation headed by Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu last June, which at that time sparked a wave of widespread anger in the Libyan street.


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