Turkish Citizenship Revoked for Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Turkey has reportedly withdrawn Mahmoud Hussein’s citizenship, the Muslim Brotherhood’s acting guide.

“Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed Hassan” currently holds the General Secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood position, succeeding Mahmoud Ezzat since 2010. He joined the Guidance Office after the death of “Abu al-Hamd Rabie” to represent Upper Egypt.

Despite controversy about the reasons behind the decision, reports suggest that the decision is a recent consequence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Egypt. In contrast, others said the step was taken three months ago and is related to a bureaucratic issue.

According to the Saudi channel Al-Arabiya, Hussein has allegedly sold his apartment in the city. It’s reported that he is currently in discussions with Brotherhood officials regarding his next steps, contemplating whether to resolve the issue with Turkish authorities or seek residence elsewhere.

Activist affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Amr Abdelhadi, stated on the X platform that “The revocation of citizenship occurred before Erdogan visited Egypt, not after his return.” He emphasized that there is no decision to extradite any opposition figure whose Turkish citizenship has been revoked or will be revoked soon, whether residing in Qatar or Turkey.

The TV channel indicates that Brotherhood leaders have begun leaving Turkish territory following President Erdogan’s visit to Egypt, including media figures, members of the “Hasm” movement within the Brotherhood, and academic elements working in Turkish universities. Additionally, other elements have faced increased restrictions and limitations on their activities on social media.

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