Turkish soldiers were bombed in Idlib, nine soldiers killed

Turkish soldiers were bombed in Idlib, nine soldiers were killed, said the governor of the province of Hatay, Rahmi Dogan.

On February 25, a Turkish military drone was shot down by the Syrian DCA, said the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Parties to the Conflict in Syria. The aircraft broke the border and was about to launch an attack on the positions of the Syrian armed forces.

The head of the center, Oleg Jouravliov, further lambasted that Turkey continues to support radicals militarily in the Idlib area with artillery fire against the Syrian armed forces.

At the same time, settlement negotiations in the area are continuing. Russia and Turkey are in their third round of talks, while the first took place from February 8 to 10 in Ankara and the second took place in Moscow on February 17 and 18.


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